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MaryClareHunt's Comments

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The Story of Stuff

Commented Dec 6, 2007 at 15:12:04 in Home

“I saw it yesterday and was VERY impressed.

As we move from brown to green to Sustainable to "prove it," companies have to do the very thing that Annie describes, look at the entire life cycle and impact of a product throughout the supply chain.

The answer lies in buying less or buying sustainable products. Since women buy/influence 80% of the consumer spending, that rests on our shoulders.

Annie lists on the site all the NGO's who are affiliated with each step. She encourages people to participate anywhere along "the stuff" timeline. I'm putting my time in by telling every women's group I can about their choices - power of the purse and power of the post. The first sends a message to the bottom line, the second sends a message BEFORE dumb products are made.

The ulimate and BIGGEST problem to solve is how to do we make smart products? We can start with a SMaRT Standard and build to it.

SMaRT Sustainable Standards (Sustainable Materials Ratings Technology) holds companies accountable for the entire supply chain no matter where on the world it is on a product by product basis. It covers everything but cars and airplanes. All we need is for more consumers to demand it and all the problems that Annie talks about start going away by using the law of free markets and competition.

Women are will, corporations are the way, and SMaRT Sustainable Standards keep everyone honest. The standards prevent all the nasty chemicals she comments on from entering the system.”
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If Only Gay Sex Caused Global Warming

Commented Apr 9, 2007 at 11:09:09 in Politics

“Sounds like a win/win, win/lose regardless of what happens, so I'll err on the side of trying.

If CO2 is down 60% and the problem reverses, the water may not rise and the nay-sayers will point to the "success" as proof that they were right all along, i.e. global warming was a myth because it didn't happen.

Meanwhile, what the nay-sayers are missing in this is all the other "good" that comes from trying to stop global warming. When you focus on sustainable manufacturing and consumption not only do you slow/stop climate change, you clean the air, clean the water, and provide food that isn't toxic... Do the nay-sayers have a problem with that as well? If it takes a "truth" or a "myth" to get it done, so be it.

As for me, I'm looking at the four motivators and thinking about how green marketers can incorporate those touch points into their messaging. Companies are already responding and positioning themselves as more "green" than their competition. Your insights will help them do a better job.

Nay-sayers have no say in the market transformation that is already taking place. This isn't about politics or viewpoints, it's about money and who can profit from the trend du jour. Thank goodness the green trend is here to stay and we have sustainable standards in place to bring down CO2 through consensus, not laws. Laws tend to bend with whomever is in power.”