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MissNnenna's Comments

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Diddy Saves Boys & Girls Club By Donating $60,000

Diddy Saves Boys & Girls Club By Donating $60,000

Commented Oct 24, 2011 at 12:37:54 in Impact

“Huh?! What are you talking about? What he is supporting are neighborhood kids from the area in which he grew up. Just as most of us do who give back to the Boys & Girls Club. BGC is for children of all races and backgrounds. Have you ever been to or volunteered at one? I currently work with BGC is Des Moines, IA and the children and teens that come here are of all backgrounds, but are predominately white.”
MannersWatch: Was Barbara Walters Wrong for Using the N-Word on the Air?

MannersWatch: Was Barbara Walters Wrong for Using the N-Word on the Air?

Commented Oct 13, 2011 at 23:37:41 in Gay Voices

“Folks can say whatever they want. I don't know why we insist on arguing about who can say what. If Barbra Walters feels she's within her right to say it, she should go right ahead. If Sherri Shepard feels the same, go right ahead. Just know that you can dictate to others how they should feel about what you say. Both Sherri and Barbra are also well within their right to be offended by each other. We have no control over that. Personally, I don't care who you are...racial, sexist, anti-religious, etc. language SHOULD NOT BE USED. PERIOD. But that's just me.”
The Racial Biases of Duke Hating

The Racial Biases of Duke Hating

Commented Mar 26, 2011 at 01:47:54 in Sports

“Whoa! Nice effort with the made up statistics...please site.

Please be aware that many of the "issues" that you have drawn attention to are not exclusive to any race. According to the US Census, the number of black children living in single parent homes (born out of wedlock or with parents that are separated or divorced) is actually more like 41%. Like I said, nice effort though. I'm sure somebody will read your comment and then go post it as fact on another board.

In our multi-ethnic, -racial, and diverse nation, many groups (race, sex, culture, religion, interest, etc., etc.) have a tendency to bond together because of commonalities and similar experiences. That is what the author is talking about, those that break away from this mold are viewed as betrayers of their group, rather than individuals with the free will and right to be who they are.

And for the record, I've been to many place where white people, Latino people, women, men, Christians, "...create their own little world that does not include integratin­g," as you stated. Your comments are inciting the very problem you are trying to call out. Every community in this nation has some "disjointed" and broken parts. Like my mother always used to say, "Crazy doesn't have an identity and it certainly does not discriminate."”