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Mitchell Van Duzer's Comments

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Discarded ATM Receipts Illustrate Income Inequality In New York (PHOTO)

Discarded ATM Receipts Illustrate Income Inequality In New York (PHOTO)

Commented Apr 29, 2013 at 18:48:26 in Business

“I'm calling bull on your economic theory too. Steve Jobs was a college dropout. I worked hard and earned a college degree, and I'm unemployed and struggling to get by despite my best efforts to find work. Capitalism is not now and never has been a meritocracy-- it's about leverage. If you have clout, or connections, or something that you can make people think they can't live without, you can make a killing even if you're technically average. You can be extremely intelligent, driven and talented, but if it's applied to something that isn't considered an important commodity, you're out of luck.”
Can Some Children 'Lose' Autism Diagnosis? New Evidence Says Yes

Can Some Children 'Lose' Autism Diagnosis? New Evidence Says Yes

Commented Jan 18, 2013 at 15:01:20 in Parents

“I was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome when I was 21. I'm 27 now. I believe I have made great strides in my ability to interact with others in social environments. However, I've got no delusions about who I am. As most have said here before me, I think "outgrow" is the wrong word to describe what happens. What is really happening is that some adults are more easily able to adapt and develop ways of circumventing the communication obstacles inherent in the spectrum. In my case, I've learned how to mask my diagnosis to blend in with people-- but it isn't second nature to me, and it's a massive drain of my energy.

In my honest opinion, rather than discussing how one goes about "losing" or "outgrowing" autism, I think a more helpful dialog would be to focus some attention on adults on the spectrum. Autism has a reputation in the media and popular consciousness as a "children's disorder"-- so much so, that all throughout my twenties, I have found little access offered to the sort of resources which would help someone like me develop strategies to cope in the outside world. The truth is, it doesn't just magically go away when a person reaches a certain age-- the person just develops different challenges, because the environment changes. I truly believe the best road forward when discussing ASDs is not to focus on eradicating them, but on lessening the social stigma and providing better resources to those living with them.”
Rogers Outage: Service Restored For Customers

Rogers Outage: Service Restored For Customers

Commented Oct 10, 2013 at 12:44:39 in Canada Business

“Reliable phone service does matter, more than you're making it out here. I moved to BC from the States 6 years ago. My only real line of contact with my family now is my phone. On Tuesday night, I learned from my mother that my father had been taken to the emergency ward with some sort of condition that left him unable to breathe on his own. I do not know how serious the problem is, and because of the outage, I was not able to call home from my phone yesterday to find out how he was doing. It's not just that texting and internet access went down for people, it's that voice service was down too. How do you think an outage like this would play out in cases where somebody needs to contact emergency services?”