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Maine Freezes While Washington Snoozes

Maine Freezes While Washington Snoozes

Commented Feb 7, 2012 at 19:50:17 in Business

“It is high time that hybridized kits of 750 watts energy producing out of solar wind energy earth's magnetic field (Dr.Schwartz) must be designed and supplied to every individual house to ward off the crisis which reflects on crude oil prices .In India fuel expert was fixed up in a scandal with heavy bribe.A possible compressed air capacitive system to compensate the wind velocity may also be designed.
Refrigerant plant of Ammonia /Refrigerant gas using the Flue gas leaving the ID Fan temperature a can improve the condenser cooling water TTD system -reg [Incident: 120203-000014]
Willium D Phillips of NIST co-athored with Sankaravelyudhan Nandakumr MET Engineering college professor .
This research paper evaluate the possibility of uiilising the power availability from Flue gas utilized mini refrigerant plant which can produce electricity out of hybridized solar panel using the Willium D Phillips laser cooling technology for improving TTD based cooling system of a condenser thereby the efficiency of a turbine can be improved during hot summer days.”