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Kmart, Sears And Walgreens To 'Phase Out' Paula Deen Products

Kmart, Sears And Walgreens To 'Phase Out' Paula Deen Products

Commented Jul 1, 2013 at 20:50:56 in Business

“What we definately need is tort reform. What we have here is someone trying to get rich at the expense of a character assination for something that happened two decades ago. I was of the opinion that a citizen of the United States was innocent until proven guilty. The media has already found Ms. Deen guilty for something that happened long ago. If the supporters of Ms. Deen would no longer shop at Wal Mart, Sears and the other companies that jumped to convict her before all evidence was disclosed, maybe some needed notice would be afirmed.”

KatherineOne on Jul 1, 2013 at 20:58:39

“I think it has to be made very clear in the law that as long as the word is acceptable in society , and proven that it is acceptable, that it no longer qualifies as a word to launch any lawsuit with. Because some say it's about this , that , or the other thing. We just can't keep giving it various definitions and make it punishable to some, but not everyone.”