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Minnesota Bans Coursera, Provider Of Free Online Courses, Citing Decades-Old Law

Minnesota Bans Coursera, Provider Of Free Online Courses, Citing Decades-Old Law

Commented Oct 19, 2012 at 20:53:08 in Education

“Hmmm ... Looks like a perfect example of Creating Barriers to Entry via Government Regulation for in-state colleges and universities.

I am not amused.”
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Clay Shirky is Right: Newspapers' Death is Journalism's Loss

Commented Mar 20, 2009 at 18:38:32 in Media

“Wait a minute here. There's been a weekly newspaper in the small town in which I live for almost a hundred years. They have absolutely refused to put anything on their web site except "how to buy advertising and how to order a subscription". They justify their position by saying, "How am I going to sell newspapers if you can get it online for free?".

So, here comes the local radio station, a little 1KW AM station that plays "oldies", has an audio newsfeed from ABC, gets news wire service from the AP. Guess what? They started an online newspaper. They have much of what the print newspaper has: obituaries; local school sports scores; reports from the school board meeting; The list is long. More importantly: it's not weekly. At worst, it's overnight. At best, its near real-time. ... And, they have advertising, not at print media rates, but at internet rates. Guess where the advertising business is heading?

Now I understand why the newspaper's former owner, an old local family, sold it off to an out-of-state chain just last year. They could see the writing on the wall. The new owners haven't figured it out yet.

I give the new owners two years, at most. The little radio station is gonna eat their lunch. So much for small town newspapers. They are catching on and will bury the small town newspapers just like the internet as a whole have killed the major dailies.”
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Reason's Greetings

Commented Dec 8, 2008 at 08:31:46 in Healthy Living

“Yes, the atheism sign in Washington's capitol building is "In Your Face". It is not, however, "Over the Top". It's a little tit for tat.

As an atheist since about age 10 (I'm 64 now), growing up in a southern protestant environment, I had to keep my religious beliefs to myself for years. -- I followed a policy of live and let live. I don't push my beliefs on you; you don't push yours on me.

All that changed with the likes of Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell. They were pushing and worse. They were "Othering", that is: pointing out atheists and demonizing us. I resented it for years. Then, along comes Richard Dawkins with "The God Delusion". Other learned souls added to his outrage at the religionists bashing of atheists. I had found a voice.

My stance of live and let live is over. The religionists want to demonize me. It's tit for tat. It's my turn to demonize them. Statistically, religionists are dumber that atheists. Go ahead, look it up. Here's a hint: search Google for the terms: religious atheist IQ

Religionists are not only stupid, as a lot, but they are also probably delusional psychotics, as defined by the DSM-IV criteria for delusional psychosis. Go ahead, look that one up too. Something about a continuation of belief in some ideation that, in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the subject persists in a persistent fervent belief in the delusion. -- Yup, that meets the criteria.”