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The Gray Lady Bitchslaps Auto Workers

The Gray Lady Bitchslaps Auto Workers

Commented Dec 5, 2008 at 16:12:29 in Business

“What are the real issues surrounding the dire circumstances that the US automakers face at this juncture? Did these issues develop recently, or are these concerns a consequence based on negligent disregard displayed by the actions of corporate management? The fact is that the dilemmas that the automakers are facing today are a directly attributable to the blatant abuse of managerial power. That, coupled with a complete lack of a competence, and an attitude and an aura of arrogance that is a part of a series of transgressions is the real culprit behind the demise of the Big 3 auto manufacturers. For decades, GM, Ford, and Chrysler have watched on the sidelines as Toyota and Honda applied Dr. Demming’s model of efficiency and quality to manufacture and construct a viable and competitive product.
A contravention in the protocols and policies that have characterized the Big 3 as lazy, apathetic, fat cats who care more about “getting-over” rather than getting ahead was necessary long before the catastrophic events that have occurred over the past twelve months. And let’s not forget the lack of oversight and regulation that the Federal Government has failed to execute. The fact is that appropriate measures of oversight and regulation, when properly instituted, can serve as an agent of progress toward the ends of advancement and growth has been visibly missing. This is exactly what happens in a parasitic environment of “capitalism” where deregulation runs rampant, and the indefatigable, persistent quest for bailouts immediately follow.”

DuganS1 on Dec 5, 2008 at 18:34:36

“What goes government regulation have to do with the Big 3 making such small margins on cars and continually losing market share in the domestic market? Deregulation BTW, which gained momentum in the 1970s, increased competition and resulted in lower prices and more choices for consumers. In most industries, deregulations was a very good thing for consumers.”