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Shane Gring's Comments

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How Millennials are Tackling the Green Building Experience Gap

How Millennials are Tackling the Green Building Experience Gap

Commented Apr 9, 2013 at 00:46:06 in Impact

“Thanks for the feedback, Liz -- and greeting from a fellow Denver-ite!

At BOULD, we believe that sustainability -- must be inextricably linked to the education of emerging building industry professionals. There cannot be a separation of traditional vs "green" -- because the future of design/construction/buildings will not make that distinction. We believe strongly that students should be able to access and learn on green project immediately. Why should developing profession wait to learn about doing it the right way?

Please understand that we're not interested in replacing the classic degree, nor displacing good old fashioned experience. We're only interested in enhancing one's education with practical real world experience -- that just so happens to be focused on sustainable design and construction. To do so, we're partnering with leading architecture, construction, and engineering university programs to bedrock the general skills - while providing this green building training as an embellishment.

Our programming is in no way claiming mastery of green skills -- but providing a head start to those who are passionate about these topics and for those who would like their education -- to build a better community for all.

Liz -- consider joining our upcoming Denver Hack, if you're looking for some continuing education hours: Or if you're so inclined, I'll be unpacking the topic further at a TEDxCU in late April.

Shane Gring

LizOSullivanAIA on Apr 9, 2013 at 11:01:11

“Thanks for your reply, Shane!”