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Shawna Schneiderman's Comments

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Hempstead Reading List: 'The Great Gypsy' Included In Misspelled Selection Of Titles

Hempstead Reading List: 'The Great Gypsy' Included In Misspelled Selection Of Titles

Commented Jul 14, 2013 at 14:02:44 in Books

“While I find the spelling errors appalling, what really disturbs me is the reading response worksheet for grades 9-12. The students wouldn't even have to actually read the book to complete the worksheet. Any savvy dishonest high school student knows you can find and rewrite a summary online for most required reading books. There are better ways to assess whether a student has read a book.”
Online Learning: The Ruin Of Education

Online Learning: The Ruin Of Education

Commented Mar 26, 2012 at 15:48:16 in Teen

“There are some kids who never tire of learning. One reason may be because their teachers help make the subjects interesting. Another reason may be that those kids' curiosity hasn't been stifled at home, or at school. They are encouraged to ask questions and look for the answers. This problem of losing the love for learning is a societal problem, not just a school problem. We need to bring a balance back into the lives of our children. We need to make education interesting again. We need to amplify the human experience of exchanging ideas with one another vs. working in isolation. While there seems to be a place for some online education--distance learning, courses not offered at the local school, etc.--I think it is a mistake to force feed this form of education on all students. We are always hearing about providing multiple modes of instruction in the classroom, and yet, we are being told that online education should work for everybody. It just doesn't make sense.”