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Simba British Blue's Comments

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This Is Why So Many Reasonable People Think Anti-Marijuana Crusaders Look Ridiculous

This Is Why So Many Reasonable People Think Anti-Marijuana Crusaders Look Ridiculous

Commented Feb 8, 2014 at 21:38:49 in Politics

“This picture is actually good and pretty much shows what you can expect in the future. Pot smoking people: you're so dumb. When smoking, alcohol or any other addictive substance is legalized, there is only one reason for it: more tax for the government. People who sell these things get rich while users (losers) will die and get even poorer. Now that smoking is not so popular a new addiction is needed? The one thing I have never seen is: a creative, happy pot user who would never try any other, harder drug. I have seen the opposite though, too many times. People who swore they'd never go further became heroine addicts. Lives with a promise become wasted lives while the rich get richer and the wise wiser.”

rsteeb on Feb 9, 2014 at 12:14:33

“"Only one reason to legalize"? Have you ever heard the phrase "Liberty and Justice"?”

dclintn648 on Feb 9, 2014 at 01:08:25

“WHAT A GIANT LOAD OF MYTH AND HEARSAY!!! First of all, marijuana is NOT physically addictive, and NOT ONE PERSON HAS EVER DIED FROM TAKING IT.

If you want to talk about a "gateway drug"... LOOK AT THE ALCOHOL IN YOUR HAND!!! THAT is the most dangerous drug in the world, yet I'll BET you're not calling for alcohol to be treated as a Schedule 1 drug!!!

Go look up the examples of all the creative geniuses who have become millionaires or billionaires, and have achieved their best ideas when smoking pot. And of course, there's the Presidents, the CEOs and the scientists who all admit to have smoked pot.

Most pot users DO NOT go on to become heroin addicts. Your claim that pot users are more likely to have used heroin is based on the flawed assumption that because heroin users were likely to have used pot, it means that pot users are likely to use heroin. But that is simply because anyone who is willing to use heroin is obviously not going to worry about using pot.

It's like saying that anyone who rides a bike will become a member of a motorcycle gang because all members of motorcycle gangs have ridden a bicycle!”

Maryanne Slater on Feb 8, 2014 at 23:55:04

“If you have never met a contented, hardworking, creative occasional pot user, then either you're not looking or you're living in a creepy place.

The people who are a mess were going to be a mess anyway. Pot was not the cause -- they will have used and abused alcohol, cigarettes, prescription drugs and unhealthy relationships.

Other young people are toking on the weekends, and moving up the business ladder responsibly the rest of the week.”

Dingbattery on Feb 8, 2014 at 22:30:23

“You must live in a box in the middle of nowhere. I know a bunch of creative, happy pot users who don't use any other drugs. I have many friends that don't even drink, but just smoke pot. Dentists, teachers, accountants. You're simply a narrow minded, negative individual trying to bring others down with you.”

KosmicKarma on Feb 8, 2014 at 21:59:30

“That is partly true in the fact that many illegal drug dealers sell more than just pot to their customers. Under Colorado's new laws it's only legal to sell weed at shops, not heroine, meth or cocaine! Buyers are limited to only weed not the variety of other drugs normally seen under prohibition. If this were so, then I would agree with you Simba! Otherwise show me some proof...”
Cherish Lily Perrywinkle Murder: Donald James Smith Pleads Not Guilty To Killing Girl Kidnapped From Walmart

Cherish Lily Perrywinkle Murder: Donald James Smith Pleads Not Guilty To Killing Girl Kidnapped From Walmart

Commented Jul 19, 2013 at 11:15:58 in Crime

“It seems to me that Florida is teeming with sex offenders althought they have the death penalty in their system. So: why are these people out ever at all???Do they think a man at age 56 will change??This guy looks way older and is sick to death anyway. You could have predicted he would do something like that. Poor girl, dying like that.What a horrible way to go. Unimaginable.RIP.”