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7 People Who Will Love Windows 8 (And 5 Who Will Hate It)

7 People Who Will Love Windows 8 (And 5 Who Will Hate It)

Commented Oct 29, 2012 at 00:18:05 in Technology

“Dear Microsoft,

Please note that after a long love affair this is my last fling with you. I cannot believe I have wasted yet another weekend on our affair. Upgrading a Windows 7 desktop and a laptop already using a version of Windows 8 has been an absolute nightmare. Neither machine was able to simply upgrade. It required a complete fresh install, lost all other programs and data. Thank heavens for backups and the IT wiz I live with. It will take me at least another day to get all data re-installed.

Thank you for the years, but it is time I start exploring my options. Since you have no intention to make our relationship any better, please note that I will start fondling other tools. We may stay together for a little longer, but I’m afraid the relationship has run its course.

With fond memories.

PS: When launching a massive update such as this, it would be helpful to actually have your online web shop work. I have not been able to access the shop most of the day.”