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Puppy Mill Ban In LA Will Require Pet Stores To Sell Rescued Animals Only (VIDEO)

Commented Oct 26, 2012 at 16:37:13 in Los Angeles

“My opinion, as a professional dog trainer: If you want "a pure-bred and healthy puppy", then go find a responsible breeder. Don't go to a pet store. For one thing, what pet store (even the hard-working staff at Pet Food Express) has the time to do socialization, training, or even housetraining? You won't get a chance to meet the parents or talk to the breeder about the breeder's goals for creating this litter of puppies (Excellent family pet dogs? Show dogs? Creating an example of the breed without some of the breed's known faults? Or just making some money or "Oops Max got Fifi pregnant!"?). You don't know ANYTHING about a pet store puppy, except perhaps the names of its parents on a pedigree.

I applaud LA's law.”
Breeding Pets for Kids: Miracle of Birth or the Dark Side of Nature?

Breeding Pets for Kids: Miracle of Birth or the Dark Side of Nature?

Commented Jul 14, 2011 at 01:00:00 in Green

“One of my favorite responses to this dilema is the "tongue-in-cheek" video advertisement for the "Miracle of Birth Video":
'Think': Dumb American Syndrome

'Think': Dumb American Syndrome

Commented Jul 7, 2011 at 15:45:13 in Books

“I don't watch TV - I don't know what a Kardashian is - so my answer to the question "What are the issues on reality TV shows?" was "Who gets the money". Then the next question was "What are the issues before city council"... and I gave the exact same answer! (Like I imagine is happening in most cities, ours is talking about the budget, how many fire fighters and police officers they'll lay off, etc.)

Good points, though. We really have to change this!”
Experts Say Dominance-Based Dog Training Techniques Made Popular by Television Shows Can Contribute to Dog Bites

Experts Say Dominance-Based Dog Training Techniques Made Popular by Television Shows Can Contribute to Dog Bites

Commented May 19, 2009 at 17:45:41 in Healthy Living

“Mr. Millo, the onus is on someone producing a TV show for public viewing to provide advice based on scientific research. It is extremely difficult for scientific research to DISprove anything (as I'm sure you know). So the question is, where is the peer-reviewed studies that show that dogs naturally live in packs, that they have a dominance hierarchy structure, that positions in the hierarchy affect behavior such as territorial aggression, fear aggression, or obedience to commands? Where is the documentation of the use of an "alpha roll" (a dominant animal forcing a subordinate animal onto its back) or bite to the neck to teach a behavior (other than "knock if off right now or the next bite will pierce skin")?

Cesar Millan uses negative reinforcement a lot - the removal of an aversive. He uses praise, which might be perceived as positive reinforcement (if it is something the dog desires), or could be a negative reinforcement marker (indicating that aversives have been avoided at this time). I understand that he occasionally uses food rewards, toy rewards, or the opportunity to engage in a fun activity, all of which can be used as positive reinforcers. All reinforcers (positive or negative) work by definition to increase behaviors, and all punishers (positive or negative) work by definition to decrease behaviors.”

Jim Milio on May 20, 2009 at 11:51:10

“Our only onus at "Dog Whisperer" is to accurately display Cesar Millan's views on dog rehabilitation. He readily acknowledges that his way is not the only way.

Of course there is a disclaimer on the show. Cesar is applying what he believes is the most effective method based on the dog he is dealing with at that moment. Just because people may percieve that they have a similar issue with their own dog doesn't mean they should run out and mimic Cesar.

I used to produce a TV series called Rescue 911" that also had "do not try these techniques" disclaimers. Sometimes people ignored those disclaimers and performed the heimlich on someone who was choking or CPR on someone that had a heart attack. The result -- more than 600 lives were saved directly as a result of people watching the show. We certainly didn't encourage it...but it happened.

As I said earlier, countless thousands of people have improved their relationship with their dogs because of what they learned from Cesar -- even though we tell them to seek the advice of a local professional.”