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Navy To Lift Submarine Ban On Women: Female Sailors Will Be Allowed To Work Onboard

Navy To Lift Submarine Ban On Women: Female Sailors Will Be Allowed To Work Onboard

Commented Feb 24, 2010 at 12:23:41 in Politics

“Todd - I agree with most of your post. I served in the submarine community for 20 years. Four boats and a tender. I miss the quality of people that I met during my service. By far the Navy's "Cream of the Crop".

I am concerned about a few things that the general public is not aware of.

First- Berthing issues are going to be a huge problem on several classes of submarines. Most fast attack subs just don't have the space to seperarte the sexes.What about the sanitary system....will it handle a females monthly refuse?

Nuclear trained females- Pregnant sailors are removed from their ship shortly after getting pregnant. I served with several females that spent more time giving birth then doing their job.
Do we make birth control a must ?

I don't see sexual assualt as being a problem. I do/have seen many improper working relationships occur during my time in the service. Cramped quarters and long deployments will only lead to one thing, improper relationships.

I served with many talented males, females, and even a handful gays, while I was in the service.
Some good, some bad. The ones that adopted the "Work hard, Play hard" outlook on life were always the best.

I hope the Navy is doing this with the best interest of the Submarine force in mind and not just to be politically correct. Todd, I thank you for your many years of service.”

BellaEmerson G on Feb 24, 2010 at 16:00:47

“I work with the submarine community (program management) and their response has been extremely enthusiastic. Many of those with the IQ to go into flying but couldn't due to their eyesight went into submarine duty, but now with LASIK, the pool of qualified candidates is growing smaller and smaller. They desperately need good people and disqualifying half the population (who is now better educated then men on average) is not a smart move for the submarine community.

All the male officers I've spoken to are thrilled and said that "Females make the best nukes, and they never cause hassles with disciplinary issues in the same way that men do. This is a good thing for the Submarine community."

As for sexual assaults, I think it's unfair to say that. I've never met a smarter, more professional group of men than those in the Submarine community. They are gentlemen and patriots, not common thieves. Have some respect for these men and the hardships they endure in submarine service.”