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How to Handle Negative Comments

How to Handle Negative Comments

Commented May 13, 2013 at 13:15:53 in Healthy Living

“What a great topic! Thank you for being so honest with this topic. Social media is difficult. I sometimes reflect on my feelings after spending time on social media. I have noticed that I sometimes do not feel good about myself. I catch myself comparing myself to others, especially with my business. I am working so hard on "ego", but I am human, as we all are.

I am sorry if you were hurt by some negative posts. You do have the right to be yourself in public. Not everyone will like it. That's okay. You are sharing your journey with the world and in doing so you are helping so many. Part of your journey is being authentic and vulnerable. To make you real to us, you have to be real to us! And yes we do need more positivity and love, so being mindful of this is so important. Thank you for sharing with us, you gave us reason to pause before we comment, and maybe even breathe a bit!
Are You a Skinny Fat Person? 10 Steps to Cure the Skinny Fat Syndrome

Are You a Skinny Fat Person? 10 Steps to Cure the Skinny Fat Syndrome

Commented Sep 3, 2012 at 19:07:17 in Healthy Living

“Thank you for this, nicely done! I often explain to my clients how many overweight AND slim/normal weight people are actually malnourished due to a nutrient debt because of poor food choices.”