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A Last Chance for Lance

A Last Chance for Lance

Commented Oct 24, 2012 at 04:52:58 in Sports

“Guys and gals on this blog – read the UCI report - don’t just listen to their press-conference. In the report they called the USADA’s methods and evidence into question and raised grounds for possible appeal by Armstrong. The UCI’s perhaps most serious claim is that USADA deprived Armstrong of the benefit of an eight-year statute of limitations under WADA's Code. Whether he decides to challenge the ruling or not (which he now has 21 days to do following the Oct 10 “reasoned decision”), whether he is guilty or not – the whole thing stinks, as the Feds have essentially circumvented the system which places a much greater burden of proof on them than on USADA by channelling the riders’ testimonies to USADA upon realization that the standard was set too high for them to overcome. They basically killed him in the court of public opinion – as they couldn’t do it in the real one.”