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Santa Clara - A Bigger Bell, California

Commented Oct 6, 2010 at 23:08:24 in Healthy Living

“Coincidentally, on the same day Gil Laroya's article was posted, Channel 7 News KGO did a report on the free police escorts to/from the airport, going on since 2007, and the 4 police escorts to/from Candlestick or the Coliseum in 2009/2010. At least 2 of our seated council members were never told about the free police escorts until a private citizen put in a public information request. The city needs to be reimbursed now for the escorts provided in the past, and the 49ers need to pay for escorts every time they need one. Why has our elected police chief, who campaigned very hard for the stadium, been authorizing these expenditures without the knowledge of the city council?
Here's the link to the Channel 7 story: