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Prostitution "Experts" Versus Prostitutes: Why Don't All Sex Workers Deserve a Voice?

Commented Oct 13, 2010 at 01:18:42 in Politics

“I think the problem is, because they hate sex or think it's dirty (as good girls are taught to from very early on) they believe any woman who could sell it and be proud to must be vilified. The very existence of sex worker advocates challenges their narrative of exploitation and victimhood so they make them out to be an outrage in order to shut down any dialogue, although it seems an academic who opposes them is even worse. That is another expression of their narcissism - they aren't talking about people, you see, just objects of their ideological battle. In that they are warriors for patriarchy, but it pays, as their careers attest. That Bush was one of their greatest political allies speaks for itself. They're not talking about people, only objects of their power, as far as they're concerned, whose role in life is to be told who they are and what they want or face the consequences.”