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They're Still Blowing Up Our Mountains and There Still Oughta Be a Law

Commented Apr 28, 2010 at 19:00:15 in Green

“Kentucky and Tennessee have more clean water streams than any states in the nation. I'm surprised you couldn't find one of those to photograph. Numerous reclaimed mine sites are now home to athletic venues, animal habitat, and wilderness trails that bring money into the area. None of these so-called environmental groups have done anything to boost the eastern Kentucky economy, which is dependent upon coal jobs and coal generated money. Fight big coal if that is your desire, but don't try and pass your hate of it off as actual journalistic reporting. Our mountains? How about you stay the hell out of our mountains?”

hp blogger Matt Wasson on Apr 29, 2010 at 13:45:26

“There are indeed many clean water streams in eastern Kentucky and Tennessee, UseFacts, and I've been blessed to visit and enjoy a number of them. The fact you bring this up leaves me a little surprised that you seem prepared to see more of them polluted or obliterated. As the EPA study that was released with their guidance detailed, there is a huge proportion that have been impaired in eastern Kentucky. And the development you mention on "reclaimed" sites is not a good reason - not sure if you caught the Lexington Herald-Leader piece a few months back that showed less than 5% of mined sites had been used for economic development.

There certainly are groups in eastern Kentucky that oppose mountaintop removal and are creating jobs in the region - here are two examples off the top of my head: