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Virginia Wahoo's Comments

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Midnight Judges

Midnight Judges

Commented Jun 22, 2012 at 09:09:23 in College

“Please see Board member Glynn Key responds to editorial on June 21, 2012

Dear Cavalier Daily Editor:

In your June 20th Editorial, “Midnight judges,” you have taken an unfair liberty with an unexplained fact.

In the editorial, you use the fact that I departed the Special BOV Meeting, to make the following condemnation:
“Several Board members had little knowledge of Sullivan’s removal and several would have wanted for her to return. But in the most important meeting of their lives they voted 12-1 for an interim, with two useless abstentions and the flight of member Glynn Key from the scene. For a group of leaders, most were followers, kept in the dark and deceived.”

It would be personally convenient and gratifying if I described what happened in Executive Session, in order to explain to you why I departed at 1:30 am. But you know that it would be improper and dishonorable for me to breach the confidentiality requirements for Executive Session.

I know there are those that have been willing to do that with the press, but I am not one of them.

Glynn Key
Board of Visitors
June 21, 2012”