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How Rich Guys Screw Up Their Chances with Women

How Rich Guys Screw Up Their Chances with Women

Commented Apr 3, 2009 at 14:35:59 in Style

“Men are attracted to young women due to genetic programming. Women are at their reproductive peak in their early 20’s. (Basically, we are animals, here to perpetuate our species.) For men, attraction is visual.

Attracting younger women requires a different skill set than whatever it was that made you your money. There is a weird sense of entitlement that wealthier men often have. They can afford their toys and feel entitled to whatever else grabs their attention. Trying to buy your way in to a woman’s heart doesn’t make a woman feel attracted to you. Although it shows you have the ability to support her (translate to survivability) it often communicates the male has no value other than what he can buy.

Men haven’t figured out that relating to women is a skill set because society communicates that they are supposed to already know that stuff. We don’t know, have little guidance where to get the information and much of the available information is inaccurate.

Just as trying to buy a younger woman’s attention doesn’t work, simply telling a man to date women his own age won’t make him seek more mature women. Inner beauty does not make a man feel attraction.

When men and women begin to embrace their differences, instead of ignoring them and expecting them to behave differently than they are, they will begin to have more successful relationships.
Stop trying to kill the messenger. That’s not going to get you a date either.”

oregonbird on Apr 4, 2009 at 16:40:05

“Do you see this "doctor" suggesting that the older men develop the necessary skill set? No. He sets up a fail/fail situation, and then comes back on site again and again to applaud himself. Embarrassing. Must not get validation anywhere else, hmm?”