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Mary Fallin, Oklahoma Governor, Rejects Medicaid Expansion, Health Insurance Exchanges

Mary Fallin, Oklahoma Governor, Rejects Medicaid Expansion, Health Insurance Exchanges

Commented Dec 6, 2012 at 12:05:25 in Business

“To all the pro-Obamacare fans, have you really explored past the idea of FREE HEALTH CARE?
Do you really believe that medical providers are anti this because "they will loss money"? The healthcare run initiatives will significantly limit your access to healthcare. The directive dictate how and when a medical provider can take care of you. That's not maybe my friends that is FACT. Research it. It also will not allow for self sponsored healthcare. So if you have sick child that Obamacare refuses further treatment of, guess what, you ARE NOT allowed to pay for it out of pocket. You will have no choice but to allow the disease to progress and disability possibly death to your child. This is FACT not fiction. This is part of the reasons medical providers are so against new healthcare reform. The medicaid laws are already so restricting that on a daily basis I have to fight to get appropriate testing and medications for pts with medicaid. I cannot imagine what this reform will do to healthcare. I am from a RED state and fully support our governor and truly hope that a time will come to pass that Obamacare is seen for what it truly is. But I will also offer a consolation prize for all the people worrying aobut lack of health care for those desperately in need of healthcare.....Those people will just move to your state and put a bigger strain on your economy.”

kelly1973m on Dec 29, 2012 at 05:35:49

“They won't move....they will continue to go to the emergency room for care...(since they have no coverage) and that will continue to cost your state hundreds of millions of dollars...if not billions of dollars”