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Unearthing Common Ground: Why Reducing Abortions is Not the Goal

Unearthing Common Ground: Why Reducing Abortions is Not the Goal

Commented Dec 5, 2008 at 10:55:54 in Politics

“She is not wrong. There is no "right" or "wrong", it's only your judgement of a thing. People feel the way they feel; it's an individual thing and should be left that way. Just because YOU have guilt doesn't mean that everyone does and you cannot make blanket statements either way.
I do not believe that abortion causes MAJOR PSYCHOLOGICAL problems; I believe that to be anti-choice propoganda; unless you are predisposed to having major psychological problems in the first place.
I am one of those women who has had an abortion and have had no guilt what-so-ever. I was releived after the abortion, I do not regret it one bit.
It was up to you to get the counseling regarding your situation. Counseling is offered at PP. When you have an appointment to terminate a pregnancy, you are in the clinic for most of the day. You talk to many people while you are there and are counseled thouroghly, if you needed more, YOU need to seek it out. Take responsibility.”

sunnybunny on Dec 6, 2008 at 10:07:44

“First off , I only said she was wrong about THAT and so are you. That is not just anti-choice propaganda. Other people's feelings are valid even if you don't feel the same way
I am not anti-choice, but I regret my decision that I made 8 years ago for many reasons. Until we all make a real effort to understand the other side, we will only perpetuate these problems.”
1 In 5 Young Adults Has Personality Disorder

1 In 5 Young Adults Has Personality Disorder

Commented Dec 3, 2008 at 15:22:27 in Healthy Living

“"faith-based" charities?”

EasyCheese on Dec 3, 2008 at 16:08:39

“I dont know what you are talking about.

Habitat for Humanity
Families of Military Casualties
Father Joes Villages

Just to name a few. Check out the website for a list.”
Unearthing Common Ground: Why Reducing Abortions is Not the Goal

Unearthing Common Ground: Why Reducing Abortions is Not the Goal

Commented Dec 3, 2008 at 14:54:33 in Politics

“You're right. There is no such thing as "right" or "wrong", "good' or "bad", it's just your judgement of a thing.
It is what it is, so let's deal with the REALITY of it rather than ideology. The FACT is, people have sex; teens have sex. Let's get them ALL of the medical information they need to lmake informed and thoughtful decisions regarding their bodies and their lives.”
Unearthing Common Ground: Why Reducing Abortions is Not the Goal

Unearthing Common Ground: Why Reducing Abortions is Not the Goal

Commented Dec 3, 2008 at 14:46:39 in Politics

“Bottom line is controling women. Period. I agree with Downing that the religious groups want to put themselves into the position of Sex Police or rather the Sex Administration. They want to be the ones who tell others how to live their sex lives. And as far as the Catholic Church goes, they better not chime in too loudly as they are the biggest hypocrites when it comes to sex.

We need comprehensive sex ed SO BADLY! Where I work I see WAY TOO MANY 15 yr olds having babies. They have absolutely NO information to start with which makes every decision after disasterous. I cannot hand out enough condoms. Frankly, I dont think they use any birth control what-so-ever and then are surprised and amazed when they end up pregnant. After they find themselves pregnant, they do not get information on ALL of their options. I seriously do not know what is wrong with the parents of these poor girls.”
1 In 5 Young Adults Has Personality Disorder

1 In 5 Young Adults Has Personality Disorder

Commented Dec 3, 2008 at 14:17:19 in Healthy Living

“Most SSRIs have not been proven safe in adolescents. It could cause more harm than good. I think that most doctors do not take the time to actually find out if there IS a chemical imbalance and are much too quick to prescribe meds. Medication, while it has its usefulness, has been wildly over prescribed.

Depression and diabetes are two different things and cannot be compared. It would be nice if there was a quick blood test you could do to diagnose depression, but there is not. I would try everything else first before putting a teen on meds. Its not a turning of the back, but rather a precaution.”

ConcernedAboutRFuture on Dec 3, 2008 at 16:37:24

“I like the way you think Sister!!!”
1 In 5 Young Adults Has Personality Disorder

1 In 5 Young Adults Has Personality Disorder

Commented Dec 3, 2008 at 14:08:13 in Healthy Living

“I would have to agree with OCA23. The so-called experts are most likely closely tied to the pharmacutical companies. Just how objective do you think they are? The bigger the kick-back, the less objective would be my guess.

In my opinion, life is hard. I know that people would rather have a reason for their difficulties and it's a good excuse to take a pill in order to have a quick fix. But life is not supposed to be easy. I have seen some truely mentally ill adolescents, but they are far less than you would think, or they would have you believe.

Most everyone I know has had childhood difficulties; abuse, homelessness, poverty, etc. I had to work through my own issues, my son has to work through his issues. Everyone has issues. I think that its more likely parents not taking responsibility for themselves or their children. This is what i see more often. They do not see that the environment that they "raise" their children in is the root cause of "personality disorders". Perfect example is a verbally abusive parent medicating their "difficult" child for ADHD rather than looking at themselves and the damage they are doing to their own child.

Seriously, if your child is acting out, first...look at yourself and what you are doing as a parent.”

ConcernedAboutRFuture on Dec 3, 2008 at 16:22:49

“As an opponent of medicating children, I agree with you.

In the past, almost everyone I knew had some sort of a adolescent issue... that was part of growing up. I was a child of a single parent and it wasn't easy, but my mother didn't run to the doctor and turn me into a lifetime drug addict cause she couldn't take it. She stuck with it....dealt with it and voilla.... I turned out pretty ok. Further, I was not raised to depend on a pill to fix all of MY life's problems....or my child's.”
huffingtonpost entry

Do Mormons Deserve Equal Protection Under the Law?

Commented Oct 22, 2008 at 10:49:46 in Politics

“SoCalBill, Why? Why should it have to be called something else, when its called marriage for everyone else?”
Campaign Trail Antipathy Really Getting Scary Now

Campaign Trail Antipathy Really Getting Scary Now

Commented Oct 21, 2008 at 15:29:56 in Politics

“Good gods! I am having a hard time picking my jaw up off the floor!

I'm really sorry, Conservatives, but it is not Liberals that are doin' the hatin' 'round here. I have never in my entire 40 years read or heard so much hate and discrimination except for maybe the so-called "side-walk councelsors" who protest PP. I can only discern that it is McCain and Palin bringing this out in the political arena; emboldening you all to come out from from undernieth your rocks. Do you really think that THIS is the kind of thinking that is going to win an election? Steal one, maybe, but not win. Hate doesnt win.

I live in America, but right now I am not very proud of it. Seems America hasnt quite made it out of its racist past; you people are embarrassing.

All I can conclude is that there is a really really big fear. Fear of a Black Man. Fear of a Black Man in charge of your "Real America".

FEAR: False Evidence Appearing Real”

ranchosx on Oct 21, 2008 at 19:51:56

“Read what MC Cain calls east asians...he voted against MLK he voted to support apartheid....Mc Cain is a racist”
Witches and Hunters

Witches and Hunters

Commented Oct 21, 2008 at 11:25:44 in Politics

“Thank you Steven for that well-written piece. I am hoping, as you, that the REAL Real Americans see right through the lies.

Being from Minnesota, Bachmann is a complete embarrassment rivaling only Norm Coleman for that title.

Thank the gods we have AL!”