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Yinka Daniel-Elebute's Comments

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Senate Finance Committee Approves Health Care Reform 14-9

Senate Finance Committee Approves Health Care Reform 14-9

Commented Oct 14, 2009 at 11:39:46 in Politics

“Well, though something positive has come out of the Senate Chambers, it is by all means not all that perfect. At least we are starting from somewhere and imperfections noticed can then be ironed out when put into operation. It is better than not having ANYTHING at all for the lower percentile of people who needs to be taken care of through this bill when finally passed and signed into law.

The Health Insurance Industry will also put their house in order and really deal with people on a humane basis rather than draining the reserves off them financially just to increase their profits which is perhaps one of the main targets of the bill.”
Growing Momentum for Public Option

Growing Momentum for Public Option

Commented Sep 30, 2009 at 11:47:42 in Politics

“Obviously, there is a disconnect between the favourable polls of 65% as against 25% of opposition, to the Senate Finance Committee voting 15 to 10 against the Public option. This is America proving to the world that there is dichotomy between what the people want as against what the Congress want; that is Democracy at its best. The Democrats who hold sway in the House have not been able to convince themselves and the public how to properly push the Healthcare Reforms forward to the satisfaction of everybody. Granted that the National Debts need to be brought under control in order not to sacrifice the present for the future, there is also the need to put capitalism under control in order not to mortgage lives of people for bulging profits of Insurance companies handling claims of patients with sicknesses or diseases they feel cannot be covered by them. To me that spells MURDER in real terms.

The Senate should get their acts together to enable the passage of a bill there will bring a breath of fresh air in the Healthcare delivery system and save lives in return, rather than a few companies making fantastic returns at the expense of others.

NB: I'm not against the capitalist system of the country, but rather the uncontrolled nature that turns a blind eye to much suffering of the neglected people who for long has been denied proper medical care simply because they cannot afford it.”

Amplifryer on Sep 30, 2009 at 12:01:00

“The problem with the Time/CBS poll you cite is that it was done with a loaded demographic, I guarantee you it was. It was simply a red meat poll for individuals like you. It doesn't jive with reputable national polling data at all. The proof? That's why the disconnect you think you're seeing in the Senate isn't a disconnect at all, otherwise it would be a non issue ramming this through. It's not the first time polls are trumped up to support a cause, so they can be "quoted" by pundits, won't be the last.”
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In a Social Networking World, What's the Future of TV?

Commented Sep 25, 2009 at 10:41:04 in Technology

“We all have a choice or varied interests on whether you decide to watch TV, Internet or Cable. The most important thing is that expectations are met on which medium you choose to watch whatever feature, play or movie you choose.

If standards are not compromised by the supervising authorities, then qualitative programs from the Internet or whatever medium can be aired and dessiminated.”
Palin Hong Kong Speech Blames Government For Financial Crisis; Some Walk Out In Disgust

Palin Hong Kong Speech Blames Government For Financial Crisis; Some Walk Out In Disgust

Commented Sep 23, 2009 at 12:10:31 in Politics

“Surprises will never cease to exist. Sarah Palin who has been a neophyte in the field of Foreign Affairs some few months back is suddenly an "Expert" that everybody should listen to. Quite Amazing! Even talking about economics, she is quite naive as to the implications of allowing the country to go into total collapse without the Federal Government intervention.

If the situation had remained status quo as when Bush was in power, probably a lot worse could have happened. Even though we are not yet out of the woods as unemployment is still a concern, at least there are signs that in the nearest future the economy will soon begin to pick up as more people have access to funds to build businesses and other economic generating activities.

The Federal Government intervention though seen in some quarters as too much government in our daily affairs is perhaps the most important relief needed at this point in time, Franklin Roosevelt did the same years ago during the depression years and the economy picked up later on. I believe soon enough, the economy will have positive index.”