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Balkanizing Pakistan: A Collective National Security Strategy

Commented Jul 15, 2010 at 16:44:50 in World

“This type of an article is laying the psychological background for what the US is already trying to achieve in the region. It's policies are already destabilizing Pakistan. One of the indicators is that the US is using delay tactics to brand the Pakistani Taliban as a terrorist group, since they are doing it's bidding. This article uncovers the nefarious designs of the US towards Pakistan. It presents the "Balkanization" of Pakistan as an attractive idea, and supposedly in the interest of US security, so that any further destabilization towards eventual breakup of Pakistan is seen as a good thing and to be supported by the US. This is typical CIA psy-ops to "prepare the ground", so that there will be no opposition to their nefarious designs. Shame on you,Michael Hughes.”