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PR Mercenaries, Their Dictator Masters, and the Human Rights Stain

PR Mercenaries, Their Dictator Masters, and the Human Rights Stain

Commented May 21, 2011 at 11:06:50 in World

“Thank you for this article. Yes, there is a widespread and publicly annouced spin against the pro-democracy movement and anyone that speaks out the truth against this brutal regime. The national TV for weeks had dedicated its time to discrediting human rights organizations and NGOs that have witnessed the violations.The government is paying these mercenary PR agencies millions of dollars and these are reflected in their reports and the local newspaper coverages about the situation in Bahrain. "Everything is fine and life is back to normal", is what they keep saying but is it? What about the checkpoints and the humilation that the Shia are subjected to when they are spotted based on ID and family name. What about the continued arrest and torture of students and professionals, men and women. What about the suspension of 1000 workers from their jobs because they either participated or suspected to have participated in the protests. The government is funding people like A.Latif Al Mahmood to go to countries like Egypt and Turkey to polish its image and spread lies about the protesters. People like Mona Hijris speaks out in national TV and tells the Sunni population to go to Twitter and facebook and post pro government comments and work hard to discredit human right activits like Maryam Alkhawaja. Nabeel Al ansari was send to Washington to spread lies about the Bahraini doctors that are in detention. He is responsible for their detention and smearing of their reputation in the media.”