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Latino Players Not Happy With Yunel Escobar's Suspension & Fine

Latino Players Not Happy With Yunel Escobar's Suspension & Fine

Commented Sep 25, 2012 at 16:12:14 in Latino Voices

“Just because the word is used frequently and casually doesn't mean it isn't a gay slur. There are communities in this country where English speakers feel perfectly comfortable throwing around the word 'f*gg*t' casually, and nobody calls them on it. It's still a gay slur, they're just surrounded by people who don't care if you use gay slurs frequently and casually.

We live in a country where some bros still call each other "f*gg*t" for any behavior that they think isn't masculine enough. Example: "Wanna get loaded tonight?" "Sorry dude, plans with the girlfriend," "What, are you a f*gg*t?"

That still happens here, and it's common. Just because the bros use it casually, frequently, and with the knowledge that their bro isn't actually gay (because, hey, girlfriend), doesn't mean they should, and doesn't mean it stops being a gay slur.

When you normalize a gay slur to the point that everyone in your community uses it casually and frequently, and almost never use it as an insult to an actual gay person, that doesn't mean the word isn't a gay slur anymore. It just means that you've normalized a gay slur.”