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Jodi Arias: Victim or Vixen?

Jodi Arias: Victim or Vixen?

Commented Mar 14, 2013 at 13:14:18 in Crime

“She was beautiful at one time, but she has been reduced to a mousy school marm. Not to mention, she takes her glasses off to read papers in front of her but can also be seen taking them off to view witnesses on the witness stand. She doesn't need glasses! I agree that it would be harder for male juror to condemn a pretty woman to death which is why this defense tactic to make her ugly never made sense to me. Not to mention, they are looking at this mousy things whilst viewing wildly provocative photos of her genitalia. Not a very appetizing combination.”
Jodi Arias: Victim or Vixen?

Jodi Arias: Victim or Vixen?

Commented Mar 14, 2013 at 13:00:51 in Crime

“She is indeed Mexican on her father's side. Arias is actually her married name to a guy she met on an exchange program in high school. Arias is also not educated, she didn't even graduate high school, only received her GED awaiting trial a few years ago in jail! The few big words she favors (edify, contemporaneous) can be chocked up to a jailhouse dictionary. The mousy facade is merely a defense tactic and the amount of evidence against her is too much to ignore. The prosecution proved she couldn't have stood on the closet shelf to grab the gun as she said, that she had the third gas can, and there isn't enough time between the photos of him alive and dead for the attack to happen as she said it did. She has brought shame to a very real problem, battered women, and has disgraced women everywhere. Anyone who can stay that cool and collected while on trial for murder is a pathological liar who can actually believe their lies. She came up with the elaborate 'masked intruders' story in 24 hours while being booked in jail. If it only took her that long to make up that story, it's no surprise she has an answer for everything now that she's had 4 years to do nothing but sit in jail and think about it.”

Daisy H on Mar 18, 2013 at 13:52:25

“I believe is a curiosity to know ethnicity because we are the same race. At the same time each person is different and reacts different depends of circumstances. She reacted very wrong and is why this trial is going on. I do not believe other cases of battered women are independent of this one.”

user567 on Mar 15, 2013 at 15:18:04

“Depersonalization/derealization could help explain many of Jodi's stories after the killing of Travis.  She told stories that were similar to what she is now saying, except that other people were involved in the dreadful fight, while she was an observer.  This fits pretty well.   If you look it up you can find many stories of accident victims who feel like they were not part of the scene but watching it as if in a dream.”