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chandler hammet's Comments

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How I Reprogrammed My Brain

How I Reprogrammed My Brain

Commented Oct 10, 2012 at 18:03:02 in Technology

“That's a thing I wanted to study: computer programming. But I went full pragmatical and became an accountant instead. Never worked more than three months in accounting, and almost from the beginning in foreign trade. Yes, algorithms have beauty and studying how to program computers could teach you how to things.”
Social-Media (Amongst Other Things) Kills (Youth) Relationships

Social-Media (Amongst Other Things) Kills (Youth) Relationships

Commented Sep 12, 2012 at 00:36:10 in College

“Facebook is like a huge spotlight or a microscope for relationships. A lot of pressure to show happiness and THE PERFECT RELATIONSHIP in capital letters and neon... but you knew that. It makes me wonder how would be my life if I were a teen now.”
If There's One Thing Paul Ryan Hates, It's Wealthy Tax Cheats

If There's One Thing Paul Ryan Hates, It's Wealthy Tax Cheats

Commented Aug 12, 2012 at 18:39:25 in Politics

“Mr. Kelly, if I understood correctly your analysis of the “Path to Prosperity”, we would only be lucky if Paul Ryan gets elected (and Romney too, duh). You will get with you wanted (that something Barack Obama can’t sell to a certain group of Americans): Effective higher taxes and rich people soaked. And yet you are disgusted with the idea. Where is Obama’s proposal regarding the tax code? Everybody knows about the “Buffet Rule”, but to this date I haven’t heard about how he is going to revamp the tax code (and eliminate the loopholes and unnecessary intricacies that use those dreadful tax dodgers to thrive). Looks so fair to me, that I wonder why President Obama did not embraced the entire “Path to Prosperity” thing when he had the chance.”
Renewed Hope That Jon Corzine, President Obama's Top Tier Campaign Bundler, Will Face Criminal Charges

Renewed Hope That Jon Corzine, President Obama's Top Tier Campaign Bundler, Will Face Criminal Charges

Commented May 1, 2012 at 11:04:35 in Politics

“Jon Corzine is how a true one percenter looks like, and maybe thinks that his Democrat credentials and his top Obama-fundraiser status may spare him what he truly deserves because of his big-time money-embezzling ways. This is an opportunity for the DOJ and Barack Obama to make the prosecution of a undeserving fat cat banker a reality and to distance himself from what he always condemns.”
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The Floating Opportunity in Colombias' Katrina

Commented Dec 23, 2010 at 14:12:44 in Impact

“I would like to thank Mr. Cameron Sinclair and the Huffinton Post for providing somehow the coverage this humanitarian and enviromental catastrophe is lacking in the U.S. mainstream media. Even if it stopped raining now, the difficulties wouldn't stop since 2 Million colombians have been already damaged by the heavy rains and the floods.

Anyway, fortunately the goverment and authorities are aiming big this time and they really want to tackle several problems underlying and predating the current state of affairs. There's already talks of abandoning old settlements and starting new, safer and better ones.

The U.S. aid have been a major factor to stop the flooding in several areas, I have to add. Those americans who are helping in the engeneering tasks have already realized this emergency wasn't any different from what the Katrina hurricane already did in New Orleans.

To all these people, I would like to say thanks, too.”
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30 Things That Need to Stage a Comeback, Pronto! (PHOTOS)

Commented Nov 9, 2010 at 08:35:44 in Style

“A few things of mine I would like making a comeback:
1. LP's and record players.
2. Orange soccer balls.
3. Black dial phones.
4. Noir-era attires.
5. Quiet, classy old-style journalism.
6. Quality black and white photos.
7. 50's styled cars.
8. Dancing with big bands (and very formal clothes).
9. Funk and disco (now sue me!)
10. More raincoats and hats.
11. Family sitcoms ending once and forever the reality show trend (like it's was going to happen).
12. Sunday dinners with entire clan reunion.
13. Traditional music boxes (it used to be a great gift!).
14. Hollywood-Golden-Era Glamour.

Well, those are a few. Maybe I would come up with some more later, but I will leave it at that.”

Katzencats on Nov 9, 2010 at 12:53:26

“Well done, RaymondDashiell! Fanning you for the list AND for the screen name. :D I wish I could live in a "Thin Man" movie - esp. if my husband was William Powell & we had good writers to furnish the dialogue (lol). Bring back Glamour - and Deco.”
Jon Stewart Joke Makes It Onto Glenn Beck's Book Jacket (PHOTO)

Jon Stewart Joke Makes It Onto Glenn Beck's Book Jacket (PHOTO)

Commented Sep 20, 2010 at 09:56:53 in Comedy

“[Start rant]

It is not as absurd as you may think. To quote those blurbs, first from a newspaper that NEVER recognized in its time (the 1930's) the famine and mass murders of the stalinist soviet union and fails to recognize that cover up even now, then from a guy always willing to criticize Bush et al., but not the current president (truth to power!), well, if you consider those facts, then those blurbs are almost a badge of honor. That Beck guy may not be as kook and dumb as the MSM want to paint it, for sure.

[End rant]”

Con Heartist on Sep 22, 2010 at 15:11:08

“Poor baby! Feel better?”

decrepittex on Sep 20, 2010 at 20:12:49

“You really don't watch the Daily Show very much, huh Skippy? I guess you can't tear yourself away from Foxx Noise?”

Realitylost on Sep 20, 2010 at 13:21:37

“Obviously you do not watch the Daily Show. Stewart rips into Obama quite often.”

dmac on Sep 20, 2010 at 11:16:25

“Sparky, if a major concern of yours today is Time MAGAZINE's lack of respnse to Stalin, I can only assume you either haven't been paying attention for the last 80 years or you just emerged from a very, very long coma.

And if you think Stewart doesn't criticize Obama, you haven't been watching. Try not to label something a fact when, well, it isn't.”