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Susan Patton's 'Daily Princetonian' Article Urges Female Students To Find Husbands Before Graduating

Susan Patton's 'Daily Princetonian' Article Urges Female Students To Find Husbands Before Graduating

Commented Apr 1, 2013 at 19:49:05 in Women

“My only question to you is how old are you Ms Blogger? I can tell you as a woman who is an ivy grad and smarter than a large pool of men, dating at 40 is tough. Susan Patton is right on a lot of points. Where do you meet smart men after school? The internet? Have you really tried that? Susan Patton's advice is not all bad if you stop trying to live in this fairy tale world that you are smart enough, pretty enough, and successful enough that any man should be honored to be with you. Well, it really doesn't work that way. I have 6 (yes 6) girlfriends who at a minimum have at least 1 masters degree (sometimes 2 or a JD), are fit marathon runners or the like, are 34-42, successful, fun, beautiful, and youthful beyond belief- we are all single. Why? Because we want a smart, successful, fun, somewhat attractive men. And guess what they want? The 27 year old, not so smart, who-care-if-they-are-successful because they are young. Unless you, Ms blogger are 40+, successful at finding uber smart men to date, and have wedding proposals coming out of your ears you might want to heed Susan Patton's advice. It may come in handy when you are 40, smart, and fabulous without a husband or date worthy of you.”

Crystal Brooke Dyer on Apr 2, 2013 at 09:51:24

“Your comment was fun and so true. I enjoyed reading it :) One of the items mentioned in the blog was the average age of first marriage being 26. If someone is going to school for their master's degree, they'll probably be about that age before they finish anyway. Where will they meet this guy they are marrying? Probably college. Marriage isn't a necessity or the primary focus of college, but people who want marriage and a family shouldn't dismiss all college romances as trivial. I wasn't planning on getting my MRS degree, but I met my husband at college and married him three years later.”
'The Rules' Authors Set To Release 'Not Your Mother's Rules' For The Online Generation

'The Rules' Authors Set To Release 'Not Your Mother's Rules' For The Online Generation

Commented May 27, 2012 at 13:19:02 in Women

“I think most people here are missing the point of the book. Sorry to be so "on point" but it is true. The most primal part of our brains, the part that controls sex and mating, has evolved little since our cave dwelling days. Actually more like the days of a hunter gather and not true cave dweller but you get the point. This means that men "hunted" for their female to mate with. They looked for clues as to her ability to bear children and her youthfulness and chose her. Women on the other hand had the ability to be selective and say yes or no. They bear the majority of the burden of raising and caring for the child plus they have a limited number of eggs so they ultimately choose. That's right ladies you get to choose but you don't get to hunt. That is reserved for the men. So in other words on an online dating site don't make the initial contact. You can read his profile (more than once sometimes) to show your interest but ultimately you wait to be hunted (I mean contacted). Next comes the paying for the date. In early days (back thousands of years) a male won a female over by showing he could provide for her and her offspring. She wanted her children to survive so she selected to mate with the male who had sufficient resources. This really has not changed today. How many women waited to see”

RealistBC on May 27, 2012 at 20:29:23

“If women want to hunt, then I say let them hunt. I just doubt they will want to kill Bambi or Thumper.”