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An Unfortunate Truth: African Americans and Homelessness

An Unfortunate Truth: African Americans and Homelessness

Commented Feb 24, 2011 at 23:14:09 in Los Angeles

“As I walk the streets of "skid row", and see the despair of many individuals afflicted with homelessness, mental illness, and substance abuse. As I walk a little further down the street I also see the shift in the homeless population. Here there is a new model "Nissan Cube", filled with what looks like household items, and possessions. As I continue to draw close I see a woman and man come from the car. The gentleman speaks to his wife softly and says "we will get through this". As I stop to speak to the couple I find the both have Master Degrees and were laid off from their jobs. They stated "they had worked all their lives never used any drugs and oneday they woke up to find that everything they had worked for had to either go in there car, or be left behind". They had exhausted all their resources, unemployment benefits, and were now seeking help through agencies on skid row to assist with locating and finding housing. The Weingart Center offers an array of services for all individuals which does not exclude paroless. Agencies such as the Weingart Center give many individuals hope, the hope for a better future and a better tomorrow. As we embark on a new trend of homelessness my hope is that the Weingart Center Association will be there to assist the man or woman with a PHD, the substance abuser, and anyone who finds themselves with shelter.”