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Matisyahu's Beard Goes Missing, Jewish World in a Panic

Commented Dec 14, 2011 at 13:35:23 in Religion

“actually the commandment is as translated into English as, "not to round the corners" and "not to bring a blade to the face". It wouldn't say that if a full beard was a requirement. It would just say, "you must have a beard" and be a positive commandment. But, it doesn't say that... it says, "not to round the corners". Matisyahu shaving his beard does not violate halacha if he does it the way orthodox law allows for (which is not to bring a blade to the face) and not to round the corners, leaving hair at the sides. One should not add to Torah and claim a full beard is a requirement when it is not. That is a violation of halacha and violates the commandment of "not adding to Torah".”