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'Pink Slime' Beef Manufacturer Suspends Production At 3 Of 4 Plants Amid Outcry

Commented Mar 29, 2012 at 11:16:33 in Home

“I just want to see BPI eat 100% "pink slime" burgers with friends and family. They choose to tell me how much naturally occurring ammonia hydroxide is in the rest of my food. Seriously? Remind me again why BPI is spraying it on their meat. Oh, that's right - e-coli and other crud in the meat that could make me seriously ill. Well, so remind me why that's in there now. Is it to maximize profits or to offer me some quality food? Honestly, I'll pay a buck or two more for something above toilet-grade meat. Matter of fact, I pay even more for grass fed beef. A mile up the road I saw cows eating grass. Weird that the grass doesn't feed the e-coli in the gut like the corn does. You ever see cows grazing through a corn field? Boy does e-coli enjoy some corn. Corn is cheap and the cow doesn't have to graze. We keep it locked in a stall. Then inject enough antibiotics to keep it alive until slaughter. After that hose it down to kill e-coli. That's some progress right there my friends. Technology, industrialization and corporate greed serving up the food on your plate. And I'm sure with the profits, the fat cats will buy only the prime cuts. It's your food, and as they say, you are what you eat. Blue pill or red pill - you decide.”

littlemanhuff on Mar 30, 2012 at 00:43:58

“Isn't the Blue Pill the one that works to keep a different kind of meat fresh?”