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Let My Daughter Roughhouse

Let My Daughter Roughhouse

Commented Oct 30, 2012 at 02:03:48 in Parents

“I am tired of hearing the phrase, "you have to let them make the choices on how to raise their children," and all of the many variations. This really just means, "don't tell me how to raise my kid!" We mumble this phrase and type it ad nauseam in Facebook comments about a mothers choice to give thier child formula, a father's choice to spank his child, etc. because we don't want to give people the right to question how we raise our own child. This phrase, however, is apathy in manifestaion and a major problem in this country.
Regardless of how this mother was treated by men in her life, or her desire to raise her son to respect women, all she is succeeding in doing, by not allowing him to roughouse with a girl, is to teach him that girls are weaker. This kind of attitude is what results in women being abused and treated as inferior to men. Men who abuse women do not see them as equal, or strong. If you want to raise a son that will never abuse a woman teach him that it is never okay to abuse anyone for any reason. If you want to raise your son to respect women, teach him to respect everyone.
As for Ms. Lenz, good for you for sticking up for your daughter.”