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ewilkowski's Comments

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Elizabeth Wilkowski, Atlanta Woman, Claims E-Cigarette Explosion Almost Destroyed Her Home

Elizabeth Wilkowski, Atlanta Woman, Claims E-Cigarette Explosion Almost Destroyed Her Home

Commented Sep 4, 2013 at 15:12:25 in Business

“I reported the story because I wanted to understand why it blew up, Not looking for a law suit, not a government puppet, not working for the cigarette companies. I am sorry that I was not dolled up for the T.V or that I am old, and not attractive or smart enough for some of you, but F. it. I just wanted to say hey I bought this product, I had used it, loved it and not sure what happened or why exploded with a KABOOM and hot four foot flame like a blow torch but it was scary. All I wanted to say was be safe. AS for being dramatic what can I say editing is a magical tool. For the rest of you who are attacking me...what is wrong with you?”

Lewis Larsen on Oct 1, 2013 at 18:45:52

“Above in this thread of posts about the article, I just posted a link to a public online technical document that may help provide you with some insight and answers as to why your e-cigarette battery suddenly exploded with flames for no apparent reason. Such mishaps, while statistically rare, are well-known in other types of portable electronic devices where Lithium-based batteries are used as power sources. When they really go haywire (which is apparently what happened to you) and explode, the size of the "kaboom" can be very surprising, given the rather small size of a battery found in an e-cigarette.”

ChaosAffect on Sep 4, 2013 at 17:12:57

“eCigs, especially the cheaper mini ones, use lithium ion batteries that contain a massive amount of energy. If you charge them improperly (and a computer USB port is absolutely incorrect) they can destabilize. It's very rare, but you've discovered what can happen first-hand. Unfortunately, stories like this are taken out of context (one incident out of how many uneventful uses?) and used by the rabid antis like the idiots that are currently posting comments saying you should just quit.”