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Surabaya Zoo Giraffe Death Brings Indonesia Animal Abuse To Light (PHOTOS)

Surabaya Zoo Giraffe Death Brings Indonesia Animal Abuse To Light (PHOTOS)

Commented Mar 13, 2012 at 18:50:36 in Green

“When I saw the Tiger I felt sick. The one they were skinning, meat on the side, His poor face and toungue hanging to see. This happens to some degree or another every day. When will we understand that animals are one of God's Greatest Gifts to man? Why do we think we deserve to be dry, and fed and comfortable and they deserve our leftovers? What this says about us as a people is very telling.How can we feel we are a "civilized, progressive society of people when this is what we really are? How can we say "God Bless You" and not care that God cries when he sees how little we care and want to sacrifice? When we have no more Tiger, Lions, Bears and such will we then know? For Shame.”
Relationships, Menopause, and Health

Relationships, Menopause, and Health

Commented Feb 17, 2012 at 18:21:52 in Healthy Living

“I found this article very interesting. I am 55 and I know my menopause and mid-life hit full swing in 2011. I found the emotions described herein to be spot on. I re-evaluated a lot of things in my life. It was very stressful for me personally and I know it was stressful as well for family.
I felt very strong about having time apart to work on some changes. I did not go to Thanksgiving or Christmas. This did not disturb me near as much as it did my family. Their reactions were the most stressful. I think when we are having major life changes family and friends can be supportive best by taking a wait and see attitude and allowing you some space to adjust to to life again.”