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Catholic Bishops Suddenly Silent as LGBT Ugandans Face Possible Death

Catholic Bishops Suddenly Silent as LGBT Ugandans Face Possible Death

Commented Nov 16, 2012 at 02:11:02 in Gay Voices

“Let there be light! We all have a point view that sheds some light on the big picture. But only God holds all viewing points. Our access to the big picture involves the mutuality of being coached by one another on our biases and prejudices that are proof positive of just how myopic we are. And of necessity myopic when our position is utterly individualistic. When we are coachable around our
inauthenticities there is a wonderful displacement of individualism in favor of a shared collective wisdom that more reflects the magnanimity of God. God loves love liberated from narrow contexts....all of creation is on tip toes waiting to see the children of God revealed...this includes our LGBT brethren as beloved of God and enormously important in articulating the fullest spectrum of a humanity in love with itself. Ugandan intentions to execute gay humanity is the real abomination, and an abomination that Rome and it's global network of bishops' conferences have a duty to repudiate.”

manwest on Nov 16, 2012 at 04:58:31

“Why, oh-so-sure Geansai, is some God not SAVING these poor people from this kind of atrocity in the first place?”
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Missing, Gone or Disappeared by the Church: Where Are These Priests?

Commented Oct 6, 2011 at 18:48:05 in Religion

“I am a deacon who dared a decade ago to address the deeper issue of emotional abuse in the RC church, of which sexual abuse is but the grosser symptom.

How quickly I was excised as a cancer from the body Catholic. And then pilloried from the altar as disloyal.

Commmunication ceased. No phone calls are ever returned. There has not been a meaningful peep as to mine, or my family's well-being in ten years. We are immigrants abandoned by a church long on the rhetoric of love and short on relevant gospel action, unless it can be impersonally programmatic and corporately anonymous.

"Disappeared" is a great word to describe it.

We as a family, however, have chosen to live in the mystery of abandonment that is Holy Saturday.

We, the outspoken, the clerical 1% in solidarity with a lay 99%, can choose to re-"occupy" the Wall Street equivalent of the "Vatican Sanctuary". There let's choose powerfully to transform the "abbatoir of character assassination "and worse, into the "labor and delivery room" that gives birth to a renewed church.

Surely eviscerated RC leadership portends a new experiential Christianity that is relevant to lived Gospel driven lives.

May we have less of the "pay, pray and obey" culture and more of the lay/clerical collaborative dynamic that comes from a shared participation in laying down our lives for "each" Other and for "every" Other.”