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gfroniewski's Comments

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Bleach Balloons Launched At Minority Students At University of Texas

Bleach Balloons Launched At Minority Students At University of Texas

Commented Oct 5, 2012 at 14:07:29 in College

“A sympathizer toward the racists? What are you getting at? This happens all the time to people of many different ethnicities. I don't see why this is all of a sudden being publicized because of race. If anything, this story should be about criminals who are trying to POISON PEOPLE with bleach, not criminals trying to CHANGE someone's SKIN COLOR. Do you at least understand where I am coming from?

If you wanna tackle a race issue in Austin why don't you examine the prejudicial treatment of minorities trying to go into popular clubs on 6th street? People are routinely denied entry because of wardrobe. Usually, this happens to black people who aren't even dressed inappropriately. One of my best friends here in Austin has this happen to him routinely while wearing very similar attire to myself. Getting turned away from a business for wearing tennis shoes while I walk in right before with Vans on is a real race issue. Not something conjured up and twisted to fit the profile more perfectly in the wake of another race scandal...”
Bleach Balloons Launched At Minority Students At University of Texas

Bleach Balloons Launched At Minority Students At University of Texas

Commented Oct 5, 2012 at 12:07:39 in College

“I am really surprised that this is gaining so much attention as a racial issue. I am a student at UT and I have lived in West Campus. Unless you witness it you can't even begin to understand what really goes on. Nothing too brutal, but on a big party weekend people will be throwing all manner of things off their balconies at unsuspecting passerby's. Maybe during one of these incidents someone yelled an epithet, sure, but to make this a huge race issue when it clearly isn't is ridiculous. The minority themed parties are not connected to these incidents... Honestly, most of the trouble in West Campus comes from the white Greek community. I don't believe that Alpha Phi for a second when she says the Greek community wants to help. I have experienced it myself as a non-Greek lifer, and I can tell you that they don't give two flips about anyone other than themselves.

Also, note how I said "white" Greek community. That wasn't a mistake or a slur toward my fellow milky individuals, it is a sad truth here at UT. The divide between "white" Greek life and "multicultural" Greek life is really disturbing as well...”

NoireLion on Oct 5, 2012 at 13:13:10

“you are one of those sympathizers- who isn't getting bleached bombed...but decide- without knowing any facts whatever that it is NOT racially motivated.

and you couldn't possibly know- since you weren't there...unless it was you- hurling bleach balloons- probably with a large width "sling shot"....
seen white males from Texas using them hurling hot water in balloons - while I was in the service- in Washington state and North Carolina. They launche the balloons out of a sling from cover usually high windows...or a common area balcony - someplace with deniability... then give the ever present- "wasn't me" when questioned.

Why is anyone surprised- its texas.”

eltonbjones on Oct 5, 2012 at 12:52:00

“Of course you wouldn't feel it to be racial because there wasn't a racial epithet yelled out to your group. If you were walking down the street and it happened to you and the negative epithet was used against you, i.e. "dirty jew go home" form a neo-nazi, you wou be highly offended. So, this is very dangerous and your lack of empathy is because it hasn't hit your group. Think about it. (PERCEPTION and REALITY are great motivators if confronted)”
UT Austin Must Become a Symbol of Racial Justice

UT Austin Must Become a Symbol of Racial Justice

Commented Oct 10, 2012 at 17:54:10 in College