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Beware the Brit Humes In Your Office

Beware the Brit Humes In Your Office

Commented Jan 11, 2010 at 15:02:34 in Business

“Make the difference between religion and escape. Brit Hume is offering redemption for Tigers behavior, but he must first ask for forgiveness and repent. This can only be done by one that is honest with himself, his God and his family. To quit, like many do, give up and get divorced and start a pathetic life cycle is easy. Ask for forgiveness, humble yourself, and truly be remorseful and you can be healed. It also does not mean you can go and do it again. One that is honest with his faith must stop his deceitful actions to truly be reconciled with God.
I ask you, What is keeping you from giving up your sinful life and honestly turn your life from God? Ms Eve Tahmincioglu , whoever she is is obviously hung up on some deep problem hidden from us in her posting. She missed the whole point Hume was trying to make.”