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RYE-sing Above G.M.O.'s

RYE-sing Above G.M.O.'s

Commented Jan 16, 2013 at 11:55:26 in Home

“The author’s clearly pointing out that rye is a GMO-free alternative source of whole-grain to whole-grain wheat, which as you may or may not be aware, is frequently commercialized in various products using GMOs. It’s ironic that while the whole-foods crowd is off reveling in the glory of the many health benefits achieved from consuming whole-grain wheat, each is also busy sucking down GMOs and therefore, subjecting him/herself to the many accompanying deleterious effects (including, e.g., increased appetite and increased risk of liver failure, just to name a few).

Therefore, the fairly obvious take-away is that the Rye from Nordic Breads described in the article is one avenue to enjoying the nutritional value of whole grains while avoiding the harmful effects of GMOs.

Non-GMO infused whole-grain wheat products would be another option, but unfortunately despite recently proposed legislation (see the recently defeated Prop 37 in California) the food industry’s currently not required to label the presence of GMOs, so such products are difficult to identify. However, as Hazel Pig so correctly points out (above), there’s no GMO Rye, and so one can rest easy when eating Rye knowing that no harmful modified organisms are being ingested.”