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hp blogger Bob Vanderet's Comments

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My History Of P.U.M.A.: From Iowa To Denver and Beyond

Commented Sep 14, 2008 at 15:34:53 in Home

“1. It's no farce. The GOP hasn't overturned Roe yet because it takes time. But now they're one vote away. Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts oppose Roe, and just need one more vote. The next President will appoint at least one new justice - Justice Stevens is 88; Justice Ginsburg's in her 70s and in ill-health. McCain did say each state should decide - that's what abolishing Roe means. Both McCain and Palin have stated their administration will be "the most pro-life ever". Maybe it doesn't bother you that women will lose their federal right to choose, or that women in states like South Dakota, Alabama and Arizona will no longer have choice, but don't pretend it's not a real issue.
2. Health care. The issue Hillary has devoted her life to. In a Democratic administration we will get reform. McCain opposes Clinton's health care reform - it's what he called "lipstick on a pig" in March. Again, maybe this issue doesn't matter to you as it does to Senator Clinton.
3. American foreign policy. There is such a world of difference from the Obama-Clinton-Democratic approach to diplomacy and military adventurism and McCain's. Real American live will turn on who is President.
4. Tax reform. McCain will continue the Bush tax policies that have brought us the largest deficit in American history, the ruin of the American economy, the destruction of the US dollar. Clinton and Obama and the Democratic party oppose these destructive policies.
....and so on.”
huffingtonpost entry

My History Of P.U.M.A.: From Iowa To Denver and Beyond

Commented Sep 13, 2008 at 22:48:25 in Home

“Goldentruth - I really did pay attention to Iowa and Texas. I was in both states for the Iowa caucuses and the Texas primary/caucus. In Iowa, I helped work two caucuses in Madison County, both of which were narrowly won by Edwards over Obama; in neither was there even a Clinton caucus worker. Iowa was simply lost by lack of organization. In Texas, I served as a volunteer Voter Protection attorney, where I could recount for you the efforts of the local party organizations to prevent black voters from participating. And I was in Denver, and spoke and worked with hundreds of Clinton delegates who were unified by convention time and perceptive enough to realize that everything Hillary has worked for will be sabotaged by a McCain-Palin administration. Hillary stands for something and has worked for principles that the GOP and its candidates have always sought to undermine and impede. As for the insinuations of "shady" associations on Obama's part, they remind me so much of the nonsense the GOP used to spew against Bill and Hillary - the Vincent Foster insinuations, the garbage about shady Arkansas land dealings, lost billing records. Don't you see how the right works to divide progressives every four years? Do you honestly think that John McCain, who opposed the ERA and even a holiday for MLK Jr. will promote "traditional Democratic views toward women's and human rights for all"?”
huffingtonpost entry

My History Of P.U.M.A.: From Iowa To Denver and Beyond

Commented Sep 12, 2008 at 23:39:08 in Home

“With all due respect, Will, you're not out to "reform the Democratic Party." Anyone who would assist in the election of John McCain and Sarah Palin is simply not committed to Democratic Party principles. As a result of your actions, millions without health insurance will continue to suffer; the U.S. will be led into further foreign misadventures, with the deaths and disfigurements of thousands of fine young American men and women; the constitutional rights of privacy for women and their doctors with respect to reproductive rights will be gone; the wreck of the American economy will continue. In short, everything that Hillary Clinton has fought for all her life, and everything the Democratic Party has stood for, will be betrayed. But you'll feel vindicated! And, that, of course, is what all of this is really about.”

ABeck on Sep 13, 2008 at 18:37:54

“Oh Bob, come on! Nobofy is going to change Roe; it has not been changed under all of the most recent Republican administrations and it will not change under McCain. HE has said all along that he believes each state should have the right to decide that point. I feel that your doomsday commentaries are a load of hooey. If you have other (honest) rationale for voting against McCain, I'd like to hear it. But, don't continue with this farce, ok?”

Goldentruth on Sep 13, 2008 at 14:20:47

“Bob, would that your assessment was that simple. Had you really paid attention and done the due diligence required, witnessed the horrific caucus fraud in Texas, seen the busloads of school children and homeless coming into Iowa to vote, seen the lists of committed Hillary delegates who changed their vote to Obama for a few paltry pay offs from Pelosi and Obama, or spoken to the delegates in Denver who were frightened, overwhelmed and shocked at DNC bully tactics you would not make these statements. The FACT is that Obama has taken far more from financial and oil giants than any other candidate; he voted for FISA after promising not to [AT&T sponsored his Denver extravaganza, btw] and his murky background, utter lack of experience and track record, coupled with a multitude of shady and in some cases criminal associations do not bode well for America's best interests. Sometimes one has to take the broad view to realize that short term, instant gratification will in the long run be the more harmful one. In this case, the corruption, bias and utter lack of responsiveness of the DNC and Obama campaign to its electorate have rendered it ineffective and totally unworkable in the Democratic process and the only way to fix it is to clean it out from the top down and start over with new, responsible, honest leadership whose agenda more clearly reflects traditional Democratic views toward women's and human rights for ALL, not just the few.”

globescout on Sep 13, 2008 at 00:42:23

“Interesting how you pontificate that Will is not out to "reform the Democratic Party." I happen to have met Will at a Hillary fundraiser at GWUniversity in Washington DC, the one full of students for Hillary where Ellen DeGeneris was beamed in live. The majority of the tickets sold were $25. Then a bunch of us guys (6) grabbed dinner together, Will included, and had a very spirited in-depth conversation. I can only tell you that each one of us have been exceptionally involved in this entire process and care 100% about a healthy Democratic party which now can only survive if there is a major overhaul of the entire primary process. You know that if it had been ONE person, ONE vote in all 50 states, Obama would not be the nominee. Do the math, it's Plain & Simple. Maybe YOU don't care about the democratic process, WE certainly do.

I will be voting for down-ticket Democrats so that a robust Democratic congress will keep McCain/Palin under a healthy balanced check. Hence I'm not scared of the hail and brimstone you're seeing in that crystal ball.

Bottom line, we need for there to be a transparent process where each and every vote will count equally. No gaming, no double vote, no nonsense! Is that too much to ask for?

Just to give you an idea of where things stand now, out of the 6 in this group, four of us will NOT support Obama in November”

NotYourCupcake on Sep 13, 2008 at 00:03:34

“Bob, maybe having your green background and photo on your post makes you feel more valuable than the others that have posted. If you knew Will as we have grown to know him, you would realize what you have said above is overstated.

Before you blame Will for the downfall of the United States and all it stands for, be informed on the information we have passed to you about the caucus fraud,

Talk to Clinton delegates that were at the convention about their votes.

All PUMAs only have one vote. It is not owned by Will nor you, nor the DNC. We will cast our vote in November as a protest vote. A protest in the strongest way we can express to let the voters and this congress know that corruption by the Obama campaign and the DNC will not be tolerated. This time it is about country first, not party first.

You and the Obama supporters can attack us all you like, we are getting thick skins from this election, but you do not own our vote.

We will keep fighting to have Hillary Clinton as our President in the future.”
Gloria Allred, Clinton Delegate, Rallies Support; Reports Being

Gloria Allred, Clinton Delegate, Rallies Support; Reports Being "Gagged" At Delegation Meeting

Commented Aug 27, 2008 at 13:06:39 in Home

“Reality check: There has NOT "always been a roll-call vote". It is quite common, indeed usual, for a motion to be made early on to approve by acclaimation the nomination of the candidate who has clearly secured the winning number of delegates. This is about Gloria Allred, and her insatiable desire for publicity, not about Hillary Clinton, who demonsrated last night that she knows what is at stake in this election. Gloria would rather see herself on TV than preserve reproductive choice for women.”

mjc on Aug 28, 2008 at 10:49:35

“That is simply not true. Even when the sitting president was the candidate there was some sort of roll call vote. Just ask Bill Clinton or Jerry Brown. Many of the roll calls went to three or four before a candidate was decided upon. This Convention was the most scripted, controlled ever and least democratic. And that is a very good reason not to vote for a person nominated by such a convention.”

NorVaGal on Aug 27, 2008 at 13:17:28

“Amen. Thanks for some much needed reality and truth.”