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hp blogger Vanessa D. Fisher's Comments

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My Descent Into Hell and What it Taught Me About Beauty

My Descent Into Hell and What it Taught Me About Beauty

Commented Apr 17, 2012 at 11:39:39 in Healthy Living

“Thanks for the beautiful comments everyone! I'm glad my piece has struck a resonant chord for others.

Divine Love, thank you for that quote from Fight Club. That often struck me as a very powerful line also! And finding "a beauty that rips to shreds our limited ideas of beauty so that a Beauty greater than we could ever imagine can shine through every crack and crevice" ~ love that! Thank you.

All the feedback is deeply appreciated, and I hope this article is only the beginning of a larger conversation that needs to emerge around all this, as so many of you are pointing to.

For those interested, I'm posting a link to a spoken word poem I wrote during this time of Descent into Hell. I called it "The Divine put a Tightrope Around my Neck." You can listen to or read it here if you like:

Thanks again.
Much Love