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Celebrity Slang: The Essential Guide

Celebrity Slang: The Essential Guide

Commented Aug 21, 2012 at 19:26:47 in Celebrity

“this was a joke. slang words vary depending on where you're from. The context in which my friends and I use some of the words is not how it was defined here.”
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'RIP Chris Brown' Trending On Twitter: Did Chris Brown Kill His Career With A Tweet?

Commented Feb 15, 2012 at 16:18:41 in Celebrity

“"let's provoke someone and then reprimand him when he reacts" that's basically what we're doing... not to excuse his actions on Rihanna, but to repeatedly give someone backlash will surely provoke them to react. Society is basically saying "hey you did something wrong, went before a judge, received judgement, paid the price, and now we'll always bring it up even though you haven't repeated those actions but we'll just wait for you to react stupidly to our taunting to say how stupid you are and how you have not changed. We don't know you personally, we only know you through the media but we're gonna keep expecting something from you(feelings of remorse) that you may or may not have already given to the real affected party(rihanna)." I hate people. I hate people who abuse their partners and I hate people who are constantly passing judgement. Imagine the biggest most f'd up thing you've ever done in life being constantly thrown in your face, you'd probably go crazy. I really hate people because if every one was to be judged by their boss not for their performance or talent but based on their wrongdoings how many of us would have jobs. people need to shut up and focus on their own lives and making it better. focus on making sure you yourself are not physically or mentally abusing anyone and that you're not gonna raise any child who does. focus on not judging people.”
Tiana-May Carter: Beyonce Gives Birth? Jay-Z, Beyonce Baby Rumors Fly

Tiana-May Carter: Beyonce Gives Birth? Jay-Z, Beyonce Baby Rumors Fly

Commented Dec 30, 2011 at 19:53:18 in Celebrity

“hope your baby is called a monkey. that's so mean and you haven't even seen the baby yet”