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iglarmobley's Comments

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Replace Harry Reid?

Replace Harry Reid?

Commented Jan 7, 2009 at 20:25:25 in Politics

“The 110th Congress set a record for filibustereed legislation in the Senate. That means Reid presided over the most filibustered Congressional session in American history. If that isn't a daming indictment of his leadership then I don't know what would be.
Dick Durbin for Senate Majority Leader.”
Stop Blaming California's Black Voters for Prop 8

Stop Blaming California's Black Voters for Prop 8

Commented Nov 8, 2008 at 17:17:52 in Politics

“The fact is that, if you count the rest of the vote beside African-Americans, Prop 8 would have been narrowly defeated-- 50.13 percent to 49.87.
I don't think that means we blame AA voters. I think it means we have to work to build alliances between African-Americans and the LGBT community, to get people to understand how being played against each other is working against all of us.”

Beca on Nov 9, 2008 at 03:59:30

“People also need to remember the history of AIDS funding from the begining. When the CDC finaly decided AIDS was a problem in this country, the African American community was severely affected, but at first the white community was the one that received the bulk of the funding. When drugs were being tested, whites were first in line to be part of the trials. It was not until years later, and horrible fights around coalition tables everywhere, that African American and Latino communities began to receive the talbe scraps of funding--after the white communities got nice and fat from the funding. I remember because I was there, I was in the thick of things, I was banging on the table (working in the Latino community), I saw the incredible indiference on the part of the white (I am also white) people around the table--they could care less that the incidences of infection had slowed significantly in the white comm. yet risen exponentially among Blacks and Latinos--they didn't give a rats ass, they wanted 90% of the pie and the rest we can fight over.
That is a more recent memory for many in the Black and Latino communities than the Civil Rights movement. So don't act all high, mighty and offended--remember how you turned your back on those same communities when they were dropping like flies!”

clearthinker2008 on Nov 8, 2008 at 19:42:21

“And if 10% less Whites voted against it, it wouldn't have passed. Nice try...we get it, blame the blacks.”
Ready to be Loyal?

Ready to be Loyal?

Commented Oct 29, 2008 at 17:44:19 in Politics

“Already excusing how he might let us down. He's not even in office yet and we're being told not to expect anything from the man.
I have news for Michael Melcher: I and the rest of the people who are voting for Barack Obama DO expect him to deliver. If he doesn't, if he pulls a Lieberman on us, then you can count on us to express our full-throated disapproval and President Obama can just enjoy his one term in office.
Senator Obama himself has said that the very day after the election the work begins in earnest. I do not intend to let up my activism on the issues for which I have been fighting. I will not sink back into a spectator role as Melcher would have us. I don't think Barack the community organizer would have us sink back, either.”