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The Moment for Credit Card Reform

Commented Apr 5, 2009 at 05:11:08 in Politics

“Debit cards are bad news for you. The identity thieves can suck it right from your account and there is nothing you can do. I really believe the best thing is to keep credit cards with an account balance of about $10 and pay it off every month. The credit card companies hate that. I think they call those type of customers deadheads or deadbeats or something like that.”
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The Moment for Credit Card Reform

Commented Apr 5, 2009 at 05:06:49 in Politics

“I agree.”
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The Moment for Credit Card Reform

Commented Apr 5, 2009 at 05:02:04 in Politics

“Try multi-tasking and get both done.”
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The Moment for Credit Card Reform

Commented Apr 5, 2009 at 04:48:28 in Politics

“I agree. Bring back the usury laws but 12 percent should be the max. I believe usury laws were part of the Glass-Stegill laws that were abolised in the late 90's. All that has to be done with the credit cards as well as with the financial regulations is bring back Glass-Stegill laws. It is time to get rid of all these bought and paid for Congress reps. Their legalized-bribery system of lobbiest have them all bought, paid for, and rotten to the core -- just the degree is different. Until we have public financing of elections were are headed the way of Rome. Vote for any person other than a Democrat or Republi-con whenever possible. And contribute not a dime when you get the relentless political mailings. Just send them back with a comment that you want public financing. The mailing is prepaid. That may also stop them sending you the mailings in the first place.”
Geithner's Treasury Department Fiasco

Geithner's Treasury Department Fiasco

Commented Mar 14, 2009 at 18:41:30 in Politics

“Does Geitner not know that he should not go to the SEC to recruit? The SEC is the problem and anyone he hires from there probably knows too much, and should have been blowing the whistle for years instead of watching the house of cards come crashing down.

I distinctly remember the SEC chairman turning down money Congress offered him for more oversight personnel. I distinctly remember McCain saying that the SEC chairman should be fired and wondering why the SEC chair. Now we know. But that tells me that McCain knew exactly where the problems were, and he also kept his mouth shut.”
Krugman: 'The Obama Administration Is Dithering' On Banks

Krugman: 'The Obama Administration Is Dithering' On Banks

Commented Mar 6, 2009 at 13:15:44 in Politics

“I'm disappointed in Krugman. I don't want Obama to nationalize the banks. I want them to go bankrupt. Why would we the American people want to take on their debts (as in nationalization). Let them go bankrupt and let the thousands of community banks around the country that are doing just fine, pick up the business that still has value. I want the capitalist system to fail -- not be rescued by the "bureaucrats" they and the Republican party disparages at every opportunity. I want the people of this country to realize who the real "losers" are in this capitalist system. The big business leaders and financial guys outsource our jobs at every opportunity. It is time for these corporate gangsters to be outsourced.”
Geithner's Folly

Geithner's Folly

Commented Mar 2, 2009 at 23:31:35 in Politics

“Capitalism has failed just like Communism. There is a middle ground called Socialism. You know, that dirty work that the hard Capitalists are terrified of because just maybe regular people would like it once the demonization is debunked. Let the Capitalists lose all their money on Wall Street and let the investment bankers screw them like the Capitalists screw regular Americans every day. Let the "invisible hand" they love so well take all their money so they have to live on Social Security and food stamps like they are forcing millions of Americans to do because they shipped all the jobs overseas to make more profits, and then they let all the illegals in to take all the jobs left over. The Capitalists lived lived for hundreds of years. But they were call the kings and the royal court then. They wanted that dear day to come again. And the regular Americans were the serfs and that is where they were driving us again. Let the Capitalists lose all their money. Maybe the rest of us will be safe again from them for a little while.”

joebhed on Mar 4, 2009 at 20:35:10

“Ok, let's see.
Between capitalism and communism, you have socialism.
What is between capitalism and socialism?
Get there.”

suzc on Mar 3, 2009 at 12:44:02

“Socialism has never worked, anywhere. It is a dis-incentive for work and investment. It isn't the system that has failed in the USA. It is the Govt, ie Congress so focused on becoming rich themselves and making their masters richer that they have forgotten to govern, as well as forgotten how to govern. So the greedy, corrupt, thieving, lying, financial "geniuses" just "took the money and ran!"”
The Credit Card Debt Crisis: The Next Economic Domino

The Credit Card Debt Crisis: The Next Economic Domino

Commented Feb 24, 2009 at 20:23:23 in Business

“Who are the 18 Democratic Senators who voted for the new bankruptcy laws, and what states do they represent. Also, did any Republicans vote against it? If so, who are they and what states do they represent?

I will appreciate the names whenever you give numbers like this.

I would also like to know what democratic or independent senators and representatives voted to abolish the Glass-Steigel Act in 1998 (or thereabouts).”

rjrivera on Feb 24, 2009 at 20:49:38

“No Republicans voted against it. Sen. Clinton was the only senator not to vote on the bill (don't know the reason.)

Democrat "yeas" include our current veep and a cabinet member:

Baucus (D-MT), Bayh (D-IN), Biden (D-DE), Bingaman (D-NM), Byrd (D-WV). Carper (D-DE), Conrad (D-ND), Inouye (D-HI), Johnson (D-SD), Kohl (D-WI), Landrieu (D-LA), Lincoln (D-AR), Nelson (D-FL), Nelson (D-NE), Pryor (D-AR), Reid (D-NV), Salazar (D-CO), Stabenow (D-MI)
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Doing What Works for the Short and Long Term

Commented Feb 15, 2009 at 11:16:57 in Business

“What I believe would really help almost everyone is to bring back the law about usury rates as it applies to credit cards. Why wouldn't 12 percent be a good enough return for credit card companies? The rediculous rates that the most vulnerable people are charged now should be a crime. That would free up billions to consumers and would not cost the taxpayers a dime. It would cost the credit card companies that lured non credit worthy customers in and then jacked their rates to 30 percent and higher. I say let the credit card companies eat the loss that they are responsible for.”