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Israel Destroys Hamas Homes, Flattens Gaza Mosque (PHOTOS)

Israel Destroys Hamas Homes, Flattens Gaza Mosque (PHOTOS)

Commented Jan 4, 2009 at 04:51:02 in World

“Many houses in Gaza including mosques have been used as launching pads and stockpiles of missles and mortar shell as well as other types of armaments. Israel has had enough missles coming into the country a has finally decided to put a stop to it. After Israel has had no doubt including satellite images of missle firing, Israel has contacted the people living in the house by phone that their house has been targeted. In many cases the stockpile in the house is unbelievably great and this israel has no way of knowing. What would the USA do to a house that was launching missles at american civilians. When the stckpiles have their secondary explosions you get the pictures that have been shown in this article. Not only does it take the house it takes the neighborhood. This may sound bizzarre but it is fact. The worst the situation of the explosion is that Hamas is glad to have more antiIsrael publicity. The refugees are not allowed to improve their live because that will damage the antiIsraeli propaganda. Haniya said that whats 400 dead a small earth quake does more! you understand their logic?”

BritishColumbian on Jan 5, 2009 at 10:49:00

“Any comment about the two year blockade by Israel not allowing the flow of food, water, and medicine as well as refusing to transfer the money they are holding that belongs to Palestine? What would you do if you were being held hostage behind gates and barbed wire denied basic necessities of life by a country that also bombed sites in Gaza during the "truce"? What would you do to get the attention of the world which turned a blind eye to Israel's refusal to lift these blockades?

Israel has chosen to forgo a basic principle of democracy which is the freedom of the press by refusing to allow the press into Gaza. Everything that is aired or published is biased and tainted through the Israeli prism and propoganda.”
Israel Begins Shelling Gaza For First Time

Israel Begins Shelling Gaza For First Time

Commented Jan 3, 2009 at 15:05:18 in World

“Israel all through this operation has phone called each family living in a house that has been targeted because it is a stockpile of missles or launching from that house at civilian population (actually for the last seven years) meaning there is not a real difference between Mazzen and Hamas. most of the children killed in this war are actually terrorists being they are inducted into the Hamas warriors at the age of fifteen and when they are killed while shooting missles into Israel they are correct in saying that children are killed. Missles have been stocked in and sent from mosques. The justification is that the basis of the war against Israel is a religious war. That is the reason that Hamas honestly says that it can never accept the legality of the existance of Israel in the mid east. When a house is stockpiled with explosives missles mortar shells etc, the secondary explosions generally destroy whole neighborhoods. This is good publicity for Hamas. This is also the reason that Israel is not letting the Journalists through. Its bad enough that the Pali Journalists are getting blown up from this situation Israel does not want the blood of other reckless journalists on its hands.”

chaos4700 on Jan 4, 2009 at 01:14:47

“I love it how Israel can bomb any target in Gaza -- any target at all -- claim that it was a stockpile of weapons, and suddenly it's all a Hamas PR stunt and they are the ones we're supposed to blame for this. What sort of independent confirmation do we have that all of these targets are stockpiles?”
It's Overtime for Hamas' Leaders and Time for Them to Go

It's Overtime for Hamas' Leaders and Time for Them to Go

Commented Jan 2, 2009 at 02:40:21 in World

“CLARIFICATION: I left out the words 50 miles between the Jordan "river and theMeditaranean Sea." I did not clarify, The limitations on refugees were from the Arabs administrating those areas pertaining to the Gaza strip and the west bank. This is also true in practically every Moslem country from Morroco to the Persian gulf. Palestinian Refugees working in Israel were given more rights than their brothers gave them in Gaza. I personally employed workers from Gaza in modern agricultural work using modern machinery and advanced apparatus that they would never have been permitted to touch in Gaza. Most Refugees were taught the various trades dealing with building house and factories. When I wrote "along Jordan" I meant "besides the kingdom of Jordan" that has 73% Palestinians (most not refugees) until recently the refugees did not recieve Jordanian citizenship.”
It's Overtime for Hamas' Leaders and Time for Them to Go

It's Overtime for Hamas' Leaders and Time for Them to Go

Commented Jan 2, 2009 at 01:02:49 in World

“My message did not get thru. Or somebody does not want to haer what I have to say. It is better that Israel rule the 50 miles between the Jordan river than adding another Palestinian state along Jordan which is already a Palestinian country with its 73% palestian as opposed to its 25% bedouins. Israel tried to improve the situation of the Refugees in 1984 in Gaza but the other Gazans started an uprising (intifada)with the pressing of the Moslem contries in the region. To remind you, in Palestine refugees are not permitted afull education, own land, live only in refugee camps, only menial labor. This is to perpetuate the refugee situation to make Israel look bad in western eyes. The real reason is it is unacceptable that a nonmoslem country exist in Allahs territory Daralislam (middle east). This is the reason that there will never be peace with Israel especially with the creation of a state that its goal is the erasing of Israel. Before the Intifada, under Israel, the standard of living of the poorest arabs in the world changed to among the best until Arafat set them backwards.”
Israel, Stop! Just. Stop.

Israel, Stop! Just. Stop.

Commented Jan 1, 2009 at 00:59:26 in World

“It is easy to convince a person to do or buy most anything,however we have seen in many cases in the past, the ideology, religion, beliefs, taboos, relationships that people have been weaned on from the cradle are practically impossible to change. I have many Moslem friends and had quite a few as hired help. Their preception of the world their logic stem from a completely different basis. examples of this; One old fellow Abdullah worked in a factory which I rendered services to. He explained to me that Jews are stupid because they build their houses with roof tiles that are breakable. I didn't exactly understand his reasoning. He explained when you throw a heavy stone at the roof the tiles break. I asked him "why throw the stone. he answered" the stone breaks the roof. If nobody throws a stone the roof is good for a hundred years. He said you dont understand- the stone breaks the roof. Today I understand his reasoning, with the Moslems there is always a stone. Another coworker Mohammed said the moslem religion is the only right religion. I asked why? he explained, when you steal Islam chops off your hand, when you talk against Islam they cut off your tongue. If you dont believe Islam chops off your head. If you are considered immoral you are either stoned or burned to death. Saying either you do as Islam says or you pay the extreme consequence. By them Its only Allah nothing human.”

pennyhutchinson on Jan 1, 2009 at 11:41:55


You are absolutely right. .The problem is, indeed, what happens (and, perhaps more importantly, DOESN’T happen) in an insular, theocratic .culture. Until education, economic opportunity and exposure to other choices all converge to bring better perspective to those strong religious memes, they are hard to defeat.

Your “roof” story is exemplary of the problem. The rock thrower has never considered the actual person who lives under the roof. He might actually like him if he met him. But he only knows him by a label, and as an “enemy” of his god, and that he’s required to hate him by his religion’s law.

All religions are suspect as institution’s for “good” (there’s too much room for exploitation when the central issue is fear) and the “killer” gods are simply abominations of civilized logic.

The change is coming, though it will still be some 25-50 or so years in the future (after the last of this uneducated generation is gone). I was heartened to see somewhere (maybe 60 minutes) a story about focus groups working with small populations if Jews and Israeli’s to encourage them to see each other as individuals, not as a “label” deserving of hate. It was working, person at a time, maybe...but it’s progress.

Peace to you and yours for a prosperous New Year!”
Israel, Stop! Just. Stop.

Israel, Stop! Just. Stop.

Commented Dec 31, 2008 at 16:43:37 in World

“I am going to try to convince it is a mistake and not in arab or Jewish advantage making another Palestinian state . In 1967 Israel was attacked by Syria Jordan and Egypt recieving regiments from Iraq Saudia Arabia and Morrocco. The days before the war broke out Israel felt another Halocaust on the way. We were out numbered by soldiers 3:1 They had many more tanks and canons and modern soviet supplied air force. I saw the Egyptians dancing on tv exclaiming "we are with you brother Nasser we will throw the Jews into the sea." The war lasted six days with Israel sitting on the other side of sinai, the Golan heights along the Jordan river. King Hussein not long afterwards decided to forfiet the area called then the west bank. The reason simple, he is bedouin and most the inhabitants of Jordan(73%) are not nor are the Arabs of the west bank . There is hatred between the two groups. The reason why bedouins serve in the Israeli army. in actuality Jordan is a palestinian state. The Arabs were two groups inhabitants and refugees even though they're the same . Till today the inhabitants (Arabs) do not let refugees own land or live outside camps.They are refused education and permitted to work in menial tasks only. Israel tried to resettle them causing terrible riots by the other Arabs Known as the Intifada. The standard of living of all the westbank and Gazan Arabs went up by 500%”

andyboy on Dec 31, 2008 at 20:40:25

“The reason they can't live together is they are of different descent. The hatred is so strong.

So they deserve to suffer and die. It is the result of their hate. You can tell from the above post peace is not even a consideration. It is impossible. It's like asking why it's dark outside. It's nightime. They are bedouin. Your supposed to go "Oh but of course!" It makes sense now!

This is the thinking of an undeveloped and facile mind. A mind that accepts, understands and encourages intolerance and violence.

It's moraless and weak. To excuse or explain murder.”
Israel, Stop! Just. Stop.

Israel, Stop! Just. Stop.

Commented Dec 31, 2008 at 11:48:18 in World

“Dearest Lorelei Kelly, You are a very special person, and I admire your care for the next person. How ever you have to know all the facts before publishing your feelings. We westerners are very touchy when it comes to human life, welfare and survival. On the other hand there are other cultures that define life otherwise. There are laws in the Moslem faith that would make your blood boil had you investigated how exactly they see you and the western world. In Islam the world is split into two regions Daralislam (house of Islam) & (Daralharb) House of war. North Africa, Arabian peninsula Persian gulf countries including Pakistan in the south until Tajikistan in the north are all Daralislam. Israel happens to be in the daralislam territory Allah special Garden/ All Moslems know that the Jews are the sons of monkeys and pigs which make them an abomination in Allah's house. Who ever kills A Jew or as many as possile is considered a Shaheed and has a guarenteed ticket to the Garden of Eden. It is obligatory for Moslems to turn Darelharb into Daralislam who ever is not persuaded answers to the sword. The Hamas clearly says that Israel cannot exist and they are not willing to stop bombing Israeli cities. This has not stopped since Israel turned over the Gaza strip to them. This very day they have shot over sixty missle into Israeli cities and inspite of what Israel is doing they are not willing to”

peterg76 on Dec 31, 2008 at 14:36:29

“It seems that "westerners are very touchy when it comes to human life" except when it's in Sudan, Rwanda, Congo...”