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Obama Lunches With Jamie, Rex And Ed: Just Everyday Americans, Right?

Obama Lunches With Jamie, Rex And Ed: Just Everyday Americans, Right?

Commented Jan 26, 2010 at 18:30:31 in Politics

“I see, so the President of the United States should spend his time chewin' tabacky and talking about how whizz-bang great Avatar was instead of meeting with high-level decision makers about regrounding a broken economy?

I guess you just miss all the clearing of brush. Shucks.”
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Polanski's Arrest: Shame on the Swiss

Commented Oct 2, 2009 at 11:28:52 in World

“And what's more... if you argue that the original judge was biased, why would that mean he shouldn't conclude his trial where "facts" can be evaluated? Do you believe that our legal system is incapable of trying a man for rape fairly just because he's a celebrity? Of course there are other injustices and crimes that have affected far more people... but trying a rapist doesn't somehow preclude trying the Bush administration, and a belief that our legal system is so fundamentally unfair is indeed a significant concern about our nation's integrity! On the other hand, if you simply feel that the press is making too much of it, that people are spending too much energy on it, that it's a distraction *in the news* from more important matters, that's reasonable... but it's inconsequential to the assertion that an accused rapist should get a free pass from a trial.”
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Will Obama's Food Safety Team Finally Regulate the Biggest Food Safety Hazard of Our Time

Commented Mar 24, 2009 at 20:44:15 in Politics

“The speed with which the problems from GMOs could go through our whole food supply is just accelerated by another practice that hasn't had enough attention... cloning!

I'd read about the FDA's approval of clones for human foods, but I'd heard that there was a moratorium on its use, but now I learned that i was way too optimistic. It's happening, and it's just increasing. An article in Wired made it sound like scifi and I couldn't quite believe it ( until I saw that its even become a selling point for companies! I've seen ads for this Cyclone milk company that uses cloned dairy cows. Food & Water Watch had a good article on it last week, but Im amazed that its not getting more attention.

Is there any regulation of this at all? Could eating clones of animals raised on GM foods threaten our health even more than clones or GMs alone? Or am i just freaking out at discovering clones and this is an entirely separate issue?


David Hupp on Mar 31, 2009 at 12:53:26

“CyClone Dairy is a hoax. A hoax with a very large AdWords (and Facebook ads) budget. And which fails to disclose any affiliations.

According to Food & Water Watch created the site to push their agenda on cloned food, although apparently they deny any involvement. Sketchy.

Not that the cause is wrong. The website is just sketchy.”

hp blogger Jeffrey Smith on Mar 30, 2009 at 17:39:58

“They are separate but related. Both may give animals more stress and health issues, all of which can effect the health of consumers. The FDA has abdicated in favor of corporate tinkering.”