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Yoselyn Ortega Charged WIth The Murder Of Lucia And Leo Krim;

Yoselyn Ortega Charged WIth The Murder Of Lucia And Leo Krim;

Commented Nov 17, 2012 at 06:37:18 in New York

“What I'm missing in the Huffpost discussion is some kudos to the nanny that called her employer and said "your kids are not safe with me". This was a responsible nanny who knew how to react to a problem! Why didn't anybody mention that?

Also, is it really better to leave someone with family rather than a nanny? Statistics prove that children are more likely to be sexually abused by a family member than murdered by a nanny.

I believe school shootings have happened more frequently than nannies murdering children, too.

That said, I am still friends with my first two nannies (they took care of me over 40 years ago), we visit each other frequently (we live in differnt cities) and they would catch a bullet for me (literally) to this day to protect me.

This was a tragic event and my heart bleeds for the Krim family. But it says nothing, absolutely nothing about leaving your kids with a nanny. It was a sadly mentally ill woman who murdered two children. It could just as well have been an ill individual at a movie theatre after a Batman flick. I understand the conflict that parents now have about hiring a nanny. But let's keep this in perspective.”