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Plant-Based: Beloved Burritos (Wheat and Gluten-Free) (Video)

Plant-Based: Beloved Burritos (Wheat and Gluten-Free) (Video)

Commented Feb 26, 2012 at 19:25:28 in Home

“Karen Paul loved your cost analysis at the end-where i work there is a lot of misguided eating habits, (i'm reforming mine :-) and the argument of "i can't afford to eat healthy" or "organic" is too expensive when trying to feed a family" comes up frequently. So i keep a close eye on cost per serving and share that info with people who are trying to make healthy changes in their diet... when the issue comes up... LOVE YOUR POSTS! Thank you.”

megwolff on Mar 2, 2012 at 15:58:01

“Karen, Thank you for commenting as I really appreciate the feedback. Here's another easy AND economical plant based dish that I did write up for the Huff Post (in archives-Vegan For Mardi Gras), but this is the link to the TV segment I did today to show how to make it and it costs $1.80/serving. If you left out the tempeh-and you really don't need because it's a second protein, beans already have protein-then it would actually bring the cost down by about .40/serving!”