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Temple Weddings Leave Some On Outside, Hurting Inside

Temple Weddings Leave Some On Outside, Hurting Inside

Commented Aug 9, 2011 at 13:43:43 in Religion

“My daughter converted to the LDS faith and was married in the Temple. I can personally tell you that it's just not that big of an issue. The hatred and bigotry expressed in these comments is very sad. A temple wedding isn't like a traditional church wedding with music, flowers and pews full of people. It is a very personal ceremony with at most a few close friends or family. Often the couple comes alone. And, no, we were not left out in the cold to wander around. We were inside in a nice waiting area. Afterward we had a large traditional reception with food, dancing and all our friends and relatives. People need to understand that Mormons have a Temple that is used only for very sacred occasions plus there is a church building used for all the traditional things like weekly services, Sunday school, etc. Everyone is welcome in the church and we have attended with her family on several occasions. It would be a nicer world if everyone, Muslim, Christian, Jew, Hindu and others, could agree that there are many paths to salvation and practice a little tolerance for those of the other faiths.”