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Sarah Palin: The Face of Ugly Americanism

Sarah Palin: The Face of Ugly Americanism

Commented Sep 6, 2008 at 14:42:45 in Politics

“This whole site is hilarious. Clearly a sounding board for disgruntled dems to huddle together and hate on a person they have no clue about. I live in AK, I've lived in Wash, Texas, Illinois and I can tell you without any reservation there is not a candidate for VP or otherwise that cares about thier constituents more than S.P.
Don't be fooled by the Democrat machine, she's as qualified as anyone.

I can completely understand when someone doesn't agree with a policy, abortion, religion, budget, war etc...Thats fine. But to attack her character and drive, how old is everone on here? 12?

Thats right "Gunsmoke" Alaskan's did vote for her adoringly. I suppose you would prefer a twisted lying politition that runs on one platform and comes in and only furthers his own comfort at the expense of alaskans. Or perhaps hands the keys of the resources over to energy companies only interested in lining thier own pockets. Sarah set that all straight.

"What I saw on that stage was the personification of small-minded smugness, an utter lack of humility, a kind of self-righteous entitlement based on little more than puffed-up narrowness."

Yeah? What I saw was a strong committed woman ready to bring a broom to Wa to clean up. I saw someone who the media strung out at inexperienced deliver a great speach for millions of people.”

Collielady on Sep 8, 2008 at 01:08:54

“Have another glass of Kool Aid.”